Google Started Showing Amazon Orders in Search Engine Page

Google Search Result Page Started Showing Your All Amazon Orders Search Page Itself

Giant search engine Google has been added a new feature in search result page by showing Amazon orders on the search page. Just before a couple of days, Google has made an announcement to show your Google products from search results. But it is for the first time when Google showing third-party orders in search results.

Amazon Orders in Google Search

There was a big debate under the title that "Google is reading your email." and the final answer is "YES, it is." Dailytech has proved it before a couple of days, and Today we found a real-time use of our email to show personalized search result in Google. 

When I searched for the keyword "Amazon," I found something strange. I got my recent purchase on the search result under Amazon website and sitewide links. Here is the proof of it: 

Make sure that your orders are not public, Only you can see it. But Google is reading it ;) 

Curiously I've clicked on it, and I was surprised :O. There was a complete list of my orders made using the current logged in Gmail account. 

You can check the current status of your Amazon order summary including Item Name, Price, date of order and even you can track it as well.

I've tried to figure out the source of this order list in my Google search results and found that they're scrapping the data from existing emails in my mailbox. There was a text "View email for this receipt". When I've click on that link, a new tab opened with my order summary email. It proves that Google is using your personal data to make their search engine more better.

Search result from your Google Products

There was an official announcement in Search help page about it. But the've clearly mentioned "Google Products" in the title of the page but it was strange to see a third party orders in Search results.

It was stated on website
You can search for information from other Google products you use, like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+. For example, you can search for information about your upcoming flights, restaurant reservations, or appointments.

How to disable showing your products in Google Search?

You can easily disable showing the products in Google search using following steps : 

  1. Go to the Search Settings page.
  2. click Sign in.
  3. In the "Private results" section, select Do not use private results. (If you don't see the "Private results" setting, make sure you have "https" in the URL instead of "http.")
  4. Click Save.
Kindly note that Some browsers and devices may have more settings that affect how this activity is saved.

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