RS 2000 Note photo gone viral - Learn How to get 2000 Rs Note from RBI

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Rs 2000 currency note photo is viral on social media - Learn How to get Rs 2000 note in your hands.

Rs. 2000 Note Photo - According to the reports, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced a new currency note worth Rs 2000 in India. Since today morning, INR 2000 note photos are being shared on the internet, and it is going viral. There is certain talk about the RBI 2000 rs note photos that they've been already printed and it is going to dispatch very soon from the currency printing press in Mysuru.

RBI Rs. 2000 Note Photos

People on social media are sharing Reserve Bank of India ₹2000 note photos. There is a no official announcement about the release date of RS 2000 notes in India. According to the report of the daily news, neither government nor RBI has confirmed the release of ₹2000 currency notes in India. Still, we have collected few pics of Rs. 2000 notes from the social media and internet. You can watch it here.
RBI Rs 2000 Note Photo

INR ₹2000 Currency picture

Reserve Bank of India ₹2000 symbol
Rs. 2000 notes in bundles

How to get Rs.2000 note on hand?

Collecting currency notes and coin is one of the biggest hobbies all over the time. Recently there are certain talks about the release of new ₹2000 notes in India. Neither RBI nor Government has confirmed about the release of new currency notes. Still, we are getting many requests from the users regarding issuing ₹2000 note such as "how can I get Rs. 2000 note in my hand?", "How to get Rs. 2000 note in India?", "How to issue ₹2000 note from the bank?" and much more.
  1. Authorised Banks

    Authorised banks are the only source of collecting ₹2000 note without paying a penny more against the amount of INR 2000. You can ask your bank manager regarding ₹2000 note, and if it is available, he/she will issue it.
  2. Currency/Money Collectors

    Collecting currency is the hobby of many. You can contact such a person because they are enthusiast about collecting it first. 
  3. Online Auctions

    Websites like and more are a platform where you can get ₹2000 note in the exchange of few more rupees. You can pay more if you wants RBI Rs 2000 note in your collection.
We are always recommending the users that, there is a no shortcut to getting Rs. 2000 notes in your hands. Many fraud agencies will offer you to get 2000 at the cost of 2500 or more. Never pay more than INR ₹2000 in exchange for 2000 note.

Rs. 2000 note Release date in India

We are constantly updating the post since today morning as we are getting many questions from the readers regarding the release date of Rs 2000 note in India. According to the reports, all ICICI banks in Hyderabad get Rs. 2000 notes in their hands and will be available from tomorrow while some people are saying that it will be released in Feb. 2017. 

Still, there is a no official announcement made by Indian Government or RBI about the official release date of Rs. 2000 note in India.

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