Add as a friend button replaced by connect in Facebook

"Add as a Friend" Button renamed as Connect  in Facebook

Giant social media website Facebook made a significant change by renaming "Add as a friend" by "Connect" in profiles. Probably Facebook is rolling out the update and changing many UX/UI in pages as well.

We are assuming that  "Add as a friend" button commonly signify more to personal relations like friend and family. However, The connect button is a wide range of opportunity to connect via business, services or another perspective similar to that of LinkedIn. 

Add as a friend rebranded as Connect Button is rolling out many updates including business page change, repositioning the cover picture in pages. Today they've made a major update by renaming "Add as a friend" button with "Connect" button.

Connect Button instead of Add As a Friend

We have surveyed this update and found that currently is under beta version and not updated across the globe. Hope that every user will get a connect button instead of Add as a friend in facebook timeline.

We are sure that Facebook might spend thousands of hours to decide the exact name for replacement of Add as a friend button.

The Facebook old tagline was "Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you." We can conclude that company is trying to fulfill what they say.

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