Vijayadashmi (Dussehra) 2016 Wishes, Pictures, Dasara Whatsapp status & Dp

Dussehra 2016 Wishes and Quotes, Greetings Pictures and Vijayadashmi Whatsapp Status message and Dp

Mumbai - Vijayadashmi 2016 is on October 11 Tuesday. People across the country are ready to celebrate the festival of TRUTH with lots of happiness and joy. Most of the youngsters want Vijayadashmi SMS wishes, Dussehra Whatsapp status message and dp for celebration. Indiadesh team is back with the latest collection of Vijayadashmi wishes, greetings, SMS, Maa Durga pictures and Whatsapp status message and Dp for Dushhera.

Vijayadashmi 2016

Happy Vijayadashmi 2016 image

It is a Hindu festival celebrated in many countries like India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The Hindu festival is commonly known as Dussehra. The word Dusshera comes from Sanskrit which means the defeat of Ravana's, it is also is known as the 10th day of the festival of Navratri.

It is known to be one of the biggest Hindu festivals. The day is a symbol of victory of good over evil. Goddess Durga fought Mahishasura a demon for nine nights and ten days gaining victory on the tenth day.

The word Vijayadashmi originates from Sanskrit. Vijaya means victory and Dashmi means the tenth day, so it Vijayadashmi means victory on the tenth day. After twenty days from Viajayadashmi, Diwali is celebrated. 

Dussehra Wishes

Dussehra is a festival celebrated across the India. People used to exchange the Dussehra wishes with their family members and friends. Dussehra greetings cards are easily available in the local shop as well on Internet. Nowadays people prefer sending digital gifts using social media messengers and instant messengers like WhatsApp and other. We have provided a list of the new Dussehra wishes, greetings, quotes and SMS message to send and celebrate Vijayadashmi 2016.

May Lord Rama always…
keep showering his blessings upon you….
May your life be prosperous and..
trouble free throughout.
Happy Dussehra.

Good Health And Success
Ward Off Evil
Lords Blessings
Happy Dussehra
Yummy Dussehra
Triumph Over Evil
Joyous Festive Season
Spirit Of Goodness…
Happy Vijaya Dussehra.. !

Everyday sun rise to give us a message that
darkness will always be beaten by light.
Let us follow the same natural rule and
enjoy the festival of good defeats evil.

Vijayadashmi SMS wishes and Quotes

“Celebrate the Victory of the
force of Good over Evil.
Let’s Celebrate an Auspicious Day
to begin new things in Life…
Happy Dussehra!!!”

As the candlelight flame,
Your life may always be happy,
As the mountain high
You move without shy,
As sunshine creates morning glory
Fragrance fills years as Flory,
All darkness is far away
As light is on its way.
Wishing you all
A very Happy Vijaya Dashmi!

D: Devil in
U: Ur life by giving you
S: Splendid and
S: Sparkling
E: Energy which brings
H: Happiness,
R: Riches and
A: Abundance!
Happy Dussehra 2016

Dussehra Is The Festival Which
Reminds Us Of The Importance
Of Goodness, Fighting Injustice
And Following The Path Of
Righteousness. Happy Dussehra.

Dussehra Wishes in Hindi

हो आपकी जिंदगी में खुशियों का मेला
कभी ना आए कोई झमेला
सदा सुखी रहे आपका बसेरा..
मुबारक हो आपको यह शुभ दशहरा!
जैसे श्री राम ने जीता लंका को
वैसे अप भी जीतें सारी दुनिया
इस दशहरे मिल जायें आप को
दुनिया भर की सारी खुशिया

Dussehra Whatsapp status message and DP

You can choose any of the following Vijayadashmi whatsapp message and use it as your Whatsapp status for Dussehra 2016. We have also provided a list of Maa Durga images that you can use as your Whatsapp DP. 

Vijayadashmi Whatsapp message

On this auspicious occasion, I wish the color, bliss and beauty Of this festival Be with you throughout the year! Happy Dussera

Vijayadashmi Whatsapp status

Vijaya Dashmi is festival of victory on bad elements in our lives HAPPY Vijaya Dashmi
May Ram Always keep showering his blessing upon you
May your life be full of happiness and free from every trouble
Happy Dussehra
May this Dasara, light up for you. The hopes of Happy times, And dreams for a year full of smiles! Wish you Happy Dasara.

When is Dussehra Celebrated?

Dussehra (Dasara) is on October 11th for the year 2016.

According to Hindu calendar, it is celebrated in the month of Ashwin on the tenth day of the brighter side of the month. Dussehra is celebrated in September or October according to the Gregorian Calendar. First nine days of the month are observed as the festival of Navratri and the tenth day being Dussehra.

It is also the harvest time in India. Most people pray to goddess Durga before harvest to thank for a good season and also regain soil fertility.

Dussehra is celebrated for four reasons across India. All these events occurred in different years or periods but on the same day. The main four events that took place are the victory of Lord Ram over Ravan, Mahishasur defeat by Durga, Completion of Pandav Exile, and Kautsa’s gift to his Guru.

Victory of Ram over Ravan

Happy Dussehra Wishes

Lord Ram is know to be the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu who is known as the supreme being, one of the three of the Hindu trinity. The other two gods being Brahma and Shiva. Dussehra is know to be the day when Lord Ram killed Ravan ( a demon), a symbol of good over evil. Lord Ram killed Ravan because he kidnapped Sita, wife of Lord Ram. Raven was know as the king of Lanka where he kept Sita after kidnapping.

Lord Ram’s army fought the demon Ravan to save Sita. Lord Ram’s army included Lakshman, brother of Ram, Lord Hanuman (a follower of Lord Ram). This Hindu event is known as Ramayana - one of the most epic tales.

The day when Lord Ram defeated Ravan was the AshvinShukla Dashmi based on Hindu calendar. According to Valmiki s's Ramayan Lord Ram, Sita, and Laxman returned home to Ayodhya on the 30th day of the Ashwin month. That is around 20 days after Ravan’s defeat on the tenth day. The return of Lord Ram is known as the Diwali where millions of deepaks were lit to welcome them.

Defeat of Mahishasur by goddess Durga

Mahishasur a demi-god who grew powerful and decided to destroy and cause havoc on earth to conquer heaven. Mahishasur with but other demigods combined force to defeat the guardians of heaven known as a dev. The dev’s then combined to form a force to kill Mahishasur, the leader of the demigods.
It is believed that a power lightning came out from mouths of the trinity gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to form a beautiful goddess with ten hands known as goddess Durga to fight Mahishasur. The trinity gods then gave their powers and weapons to create goddess Durga.
All gods and goddess have their means of transport. The lion was goddess Durga’s vehicle that helped her. Goddess Durga and Mahishshur had a battle for nine days and finally goddess Durga defeated the evil minded Mahishahur on the tenth day of Ashwin month which gave the name as Vijayadashmi.

Goddess Durga is known to be the goddess to protect the good and destruct the evil.

Completion of Pandav Exile

The five sons of Pandu and wife Kunti know as Pandava lost a dice game to Kaurav, their cousins and were exiled for twelve years into the forest. The deal was if the Pandavas are found by Kaurav during this time they would have to serve another banishment of twelve years.

The Pandavas then changed their appearance and in disguise spent all the years escaping from Kaurav soldiers into the forest. Before the completion of the final year of exile, the Pandas hid their weapons in a Shami tree before entering the Kingdom of Virat.

On the conclusion of their exile the tenth day of the Ashwin month, Vijayadashmi they retrieved their weapons from the Shami tree and revealed their identities to Kauravas who then were attacking King Virat. The Pandavas aiding King Virat fought Kauravas and defeated them.

Since then Shami tree and weapons are worshipped. As a sign of good will, Shami leaves are exchanged on Vijayadashm by many. The event is viewed as a joyful occasion.

Kautsa's gift to his Guru

Devout a Bhramin had a son name Kautsa who lived in Paithan, now in Maharashtra. During olden times children were sent to gain knowledge from Rishi-munis. Rishi Varatantu was the guru of Kautsa with him he completed his education.

After completing his studies, Kautsa pleaded hi guru to accept a gift from him. Rishi being a guru replied that a students completion of education and becoming the follower is itself a gift to the guru. This is what makes the guru happy, and no more appreciation is required.

However, Kautsa was content and wanted to give the guru something. Finally, the Guru agreed and asked Kautsa to give 10 million gold coins for each of the 14 sciences he taught, totalling to 140 million gold coins.

Kautsa was happy to hear that Guru agreed to accept something fro him. Kautsa now went to a King named Raghu who was known for his kindness. King Raghu being and ancestor of Ram asked Kautsa to come in three days as King Raghu had already spent his wealth on Brahmins.

King Raghu then left to get gold coins from Lord Indra, chief of all deities. Indra asked Kuber the god of wealth to rain gold coins near Raghu Rajan's city on two trees the Shami and Aapati.

King Raghu then collected gold coins and gave it to Kautsa. Kautsa then gave all the coins to his Guru Rishi Vararantu. The guru only took 140 million gold coins and returned the res tot Kautsa.

Kautsa collected rest of the coins and gave it back to King Raghu. King Raghu refused and replied that kings do not accept the gift that is given. Kautsa honouring kings word gave all coins to the local people of the city. Since that day leaves from the Aapati tree are given as gifts.

Celebrations around India

Dushhera in Eastern India

In eastern parts of India notably Odisha, Bengal, Assam Durga is worshipped for five days. After five days on Vijayadashmi, the murti (statue) is submerged in a river. The process is known as Durga Bisarjan. Durga is worshipped as a sign of Shakti (Power).

In Odisha, the festival is observed for ten days and is know as Shodasa Upachara. Goddess Durga is worshipped through the year in the state. Vijyadashmi is the final day of Sharodiya Durga Puja. Lots of varieties of dishes are offered to the goddess like Dahi Pakhal, Pitha and other sweets. A procession is held before submerging the statue in a river Ravan Podi is celebrated where Ravan's (demon) statues burned.

Vijayadashmi Celebration in Western India

In parts of Maharashtra exchange of apta tree leaves takes place for better future. This tradition comes from King Raghu who was an ancestor of Lord Ram. The same day weapons are worshipped and giving it rest. Vijaadashmi is also believed to be a day to start something new. People visit each other and give sweets to each other.
It is also believed that the Ashoka, Mauryan Emperor converted to Buddhism on Vijayadashmi. Same day India’s first Law and Justice Minister converted to Buddhism. At Nagpur. Now every year a celebration is held at Nagpur by Ambedkarite Buddhists.

Dushhera Celebration in Southern India

Dussehra is one the biggest festival in the state of Karnataka in India. Dussehra is know as the most fortunate days of all. The festival is a sign of good over evil. The festival is also know as Mysore Dussehra. The city of Mysore is named after the goddess killed the demon Mahishaura. Mysore city celebrates Dussehra majestically and get visitors from all over the globe. The ceremony takes place in a stately manner and is enjoyed by all people.

In 2010 the Dussehra festival completed 400th year. A ten days cultural program is organised through music performance, food festival, and film festivals. On Vijayadashmi a parade is held on the streets and he view of it is magnificent with so many colours around. Folk artists stage their art with the parade. After the parade Ravan Dahan, burning a huge statue of Ravan takes place. Then a splendour demonstration of fireworks is displayed.

In Andhra Pradesh, Shami tree leaves are given by elders to family members to bless them for a prosperous life.

In Tamil Nadu, Saraswati Puja is held on the ninth day of Navratri. The puja is done at home, temples or schools. On Vijayadashmi the child first time writes on rice spread over a plate. The day is known as the first day they start their education. Most factories also worship the tools they use.

Vijayadashmi In Other Countries

Vijayadashmi is also celebrated in Nepal. On Vijayadashm elders of the family put tilak on the forehead of all family members. The festival is celebrated for fifteen days and most people visit temples with their families to worship goddess Durga.

Vijayadshmi is celebrating in Bangladesh as well. The festival is celebrated for five days and gatherings are organised to worship goddess Durga. At the end of the five-day festival statue of goddess Durga is put into rivers.

Vijayadashmi is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. It is celebrated by Hindus all around the globe; it is also celebrated by non-Hindus in some places. Families pray together and worship gods and goddess for a prosperous life.

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