Heavy Rain in Gujarat ruins Navaratri Celebration

Heavy Rain in Gujarat Vanished Navaratri Celebration for a while

Rajkot - It was predicted last day about offseason rain in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat state. Currently, Gujarati people are busy in Navaratri celebration, but rain ruined the excitement and mood of people. As they can't play Garba in Rain. At the time of writing this post, there was about one inches rain within 30 minutes in Junagadh and about one inches rain in Rajkot. Most of the party plots are being filled with rain water. This is a happy news for the farmers of Gujarat, and they are welcoming it.

Rain in Rajkot

Rain in rajkot
Sudden change in atmosphere ended with torrential rains in Rajkot Today. Last evening there was a shower in the city that doesn't affect much. Today it is almost impossible for the Garba Players to play during the 3rd day of Navaratri.

Rain in Junagadh

It was a dark atmosphere in Junagadh since today morning. It started raining heavily at afternoon in the town. There was about one inches rain within 30 minutes in Junagadh.

Rain in Jasdan District

Today, there was about two and a half inches rain fell noted in two hours in the afternoon at Jasdan region. Most of the rivers and canal get flooded with instant heavy rain. Farmers are really happy with it.

Rain in Baroda

Baroda Navaratri ground filled with water.

Baroda is famous for Navaratri celebration. Offseason rain has destroyed the fun of Garba Player this day. Most of the Garba grounds are flooded and it is likely to be impossible to play Garba. 

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16 September 2017 at 09:11 ×

The rain was a real spoil sport this time! Hope everyone is safe and there weren't any accidents. We definitely need better sewage to handle such situations.

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