Diwali Rangoli (Kolam) Design 2016 - Get Step by step Easy Muggu Photo

Diwali is the festival of lights and brightness. Rangoli, also known as Kolam or Muggu, is a folk art from India in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as coloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand or flower petals.

How to draw easy Rangoli of Diya

Diwali Rangoli (KOLAM) Designs 2016

Step by step Rangoli Designs

We have a large number of different Diwali Rangoli designs in our website with help of which you can get the best and attractive design of the Rangoli for free. You can choose them and enjoy it for free.

Diwali 2016 Rangoli Design

Rangoli Sweet Design

Peacock BeautifulKolam Design

Traditional Kolam Design 2016

Rangoli Simple Design

Rangoli 2016 Design

Diya inside the Rangoli Design

Beautiful Diwali Rangoli Design

Ganesh Kolam Design Design

Rangoli 2016 Flower Design

New Style Rangoli Design

Step by Step Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is used in front of our entrance to make our place beautiful. Our Website contains the traditional way Rangoli Designs with the dots that is used by most of the people to decorate the house and make it nice. The given below is the step by step rangoli design of 7x15x7 Traditional Rangoli Design for Free.

7x7 unique Rangoli Design (Step by step guide)

Decorate your home with new and latest 7x15x7 rangoli designs. We have provided all steps to draw Rangoli Design 2015. Hope you will love and like it. Don't forget to share with friends.

Step 1:- Make a background of your choice

Step 2:- First line contain 7 dots,after that increase two dots in each line up to 5th line Line 5 to 11 contain 15 dots. After 11th line decrease two dots in each in up to 15th line. It should be 7 dots in 15th line.

Step 3:- Find a center from your dots and make a circle

Step 4:- Make a flower from the center of your circle drawn

Step 5:- Draw the flowers staring form the top of the design and corner side

Step 6:- Make the same design to all the corners of the Rangoli 

Step 7:- Fill the colour of your interest to your Rangoli

Thank you and hope you are satisfied with our Designs....
Traditional Design Rangoli is about making Rangoli from dots. Our Website provides the best simple 8x8 rangoli design and all steps by which you can complete your traditional Rangoli is given on our site.

Step by Step 8x8 Rangoli Design

Get ready for this Diwali 2015 with beautiful Rangoli Designs. Follow the simple steps to draw 8x8 Rangoli during Diwali 2015 on your home, office and Schools.

Step 1:- First Make the area brown Back ground

Step 2;- Make 8x8 Dots with the help of the paper 

Step 3 :- Draw design from the middle dot
 and the design at the corner.

Step 4:- Draw the same kind of Design to all the corners

Step 5:- Fill the colors of your interest in the designed Rangoli

Step by Step 9 x 9 dot rangoli design (Kolam Design)

Diwali Rangoli Designs are the traditional art of making designs out of our house offices or schools etc. This website gives us the step by step Rangoli design for the decoration of our house this web site gives the 9x9 Rangoli Design which can be made by showing below totally free.

Nine dots by nine dots square Rangoli Design 

If you are looking for 9x9 simple step by step rangoli design ideas online, then stop your search here. We have provided you with a nine steps to drawing a unique Rangoli on Diwali 2015. You can use this design to draw an amazing Kolam near your home as well.

Step 1 ; - Set a Background Color for your Rangoli

Step 2: - Draw 9x9 Dots with the help of paper

Step 3: - Start from the middle of the Dot for your design 

Step 4: - Parallel to it draw the design as shown in the figure starting from the corner

Step 5: - When your Rangoli is completed remove the unwanted dots from the Rangoli

Step 6: - Fill your Desire colour to your Rangoli 

thanks for using Traditional Rangoli Design. 

8x8 Rangoli Design (Step by step)

Here we have provided a step by step guide to draw 8x8 Rangoli design on Deepavali 2015 to decorate homes and offices. Hope you will like it and share among your friends.

Step 1:- Draw dots of 8 x 15 x 8 with the background of some color

Step 2:- Draw two dots at every corner of the Rangoli dots

Step 3:- Start drawing from the middle of the Rangoli

Step 4:- Draw the design as shown in the middle of the marked point

Step 5:- Start the design from the corner of the Rangoli 

Step 6:- Make the same design to all the corner as started before

Step 7:- After the Rangoli is completed fill the color you like
Thank you for using the Step by step Traditional Rangoli Designs. Wishing you a very Happy to you and your family.

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