Twitter Reaction after Launching of Apple iPhone 7, Airpods at Apple Event

Apple Launched iPhone 7 and 7 plus on its Official Apple Event and Twitter Reacts on the Airpods and Price of iPhone 7

USA - Apple introduced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus today at their official event. Apple iPhone 7 has an A10 processor that is 40% faster than previous A9 and two times faster than A8. It has added a revolutionary feature by removing 3.5mm audio jack port and adding Airpods. Social media reacts to this change and people started tweeting about the iPhone 7 updated with jet black color, features, price, and funny jokes on twitter.

Apple Airpods Funny pic

Twitter Reaction on iPhone 7 Launch

As the Apple CEO launches iPhone 7 in their mega event, twitter users started reacting on the color, price, variant and other features. It creates tons of joke about iPhone 7 on Twitter as a text as well image. We have collected some funny tweets about iPhone 7 from the twitter and posted here.

Funny Tweet of Baba Ramdev by TVF on iPhone 7

Funny Twitter Reactions About AirPods on Twitter

Airpods were trending on the twitter as it announced at Apple Event. People use to start sarcasm on Airpods and started tweeting funny pics of airpods on twitter. Here are some of the funny tweets on AirPods around the globe.

Share these funny reactions on twitter after Apple unveils iPhone 7 on official website.

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