Kapil Sharma Slaps on BJP's No Corruption Policy via Tweet to PM Modi

Indian Star Comedian Kapil Sharma asked to pay 5 lac Bribe to BMC, He asked PM Narendra Modi saying "is this your acche din?" via Tweet

Mumbai - Today Kapil Sharma's tweet crack on BJP no corruption white cloth.Morning the all time popular comedy actor Kapil Sharma tweeted “I am paying 15 cr income tax from last 5-year n still I have to pay 5 lacs bribe to BMC office for making my office “ directly pointing it to Prime minister Narendra Modi.Just 21 mins later he tweets “Yeh hain aapke achhe din ?”Kapil Sharma question might not be just of his but of many other Indians facing the same problem and sharing the same concern is the good days we looking for?Are these the days for which the BJP Govt. was elected by a majority of people.

Kapil Sharma's Tweet regarding corruption at BMC

Kapil Sharma Tweet about "Acche Din" on Twitter

Is this something that will spoil the image of the BJP government?Three hours later Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadanvis tweeted” Kapilbhai pls provide all info. Have directed MC,BMC to take the strictest action. We will not spare the culprit’.The Chief Minister assures Kapil Sharma and guarantees him that justice shall be made and the culprit shall not be forgiven.

Devendra Fadanvis Tweet to Kapil Sharma on Corruption issue

Just as yesterday Amit Shah praised his government work with no corruption and having a clean sheet for the past two years and attacking directly on UPA to give accounts of crores of rupees.Will Kapil Sharma tweet change how people see the BJP government?
This might affect the BJP on a large scale as it comes from a popular celebrity who hosts weekly shows under the title “The Kapil Sharma show” on tv and majority of the country follows him.He shared the same concern that the 1.25 crore population of the country have - corruption.
We are proud of you Kapil to bring this to light and hope much more Celebrities or for that matter, any citizen of the country brings any injustice to light as Mr.Sharma.Which will not only help us but also help the government to improve and develop truly when people's problems are heard and resolved.
We hope Mr.Fernandez gets on action and solve this issues as soon as possible otherwise it will surely affect the coming Punjab and UP elections in near future.What we have in this two years is far better than what we had in 10 years of the UP government.The only way we hope to rise to power is transparency and we applaud Kapil Sharma for taking this step to help the government, the people and wish you keep on making us laugh every week like you do.

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