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Happy Onam 2016

Onam is the biggest festival of Kerala, India. It is known as ഓണം in the Malayalam language. On the Onam festival, there are the four days state holidays which starts from Onam evening i.e. Uthradom and ends on the 3rd day of it.

Onam comes in the Malayalam month of Chingam. As per the Gregorian calendar, this festival comes during the months of August or September. In Kerala, people celebrate this festival with many cultural elements like Vallam Kali, Pulikali, Pookkalam, Onathappan, Tug of War,Thumbio Thullal, Kummati kali ,Onathallu, Onavillu, Kazhchakkula, Onapottan,[3] Atthachamayam etc. "Harvest Festival" is the another name of "Onam".

ONAM 2016

Onam is celebrated for many years. It is also celebrated in modern time also with same enthusiasm which prevailed in an ancient time period. This festival is known as "Kerala's Rice Harvest Festival". Onam is celebrated in honour of King Mahabali. The deity Vamana who is known as Thrikkakarappan is also given respect by installing a figure of clay beside the floral carpet (known as Pookalam). Thiruvonam day which comes in Chingam month is celebrated as the birthday of Sri Padmanabhan. Sri Padmanabhan is the presiding Deity of Thiruvananthapuram. During Onam festival, Thiruvonam day is one of the most important days. In the year of 2016, this day will come on 14th September. Some songs of Onam is also sung by the people of Kerala. 

Onam Festival Celebration

As the Diwali is the festival of five days, Onam is also the festival of a collection of 10 days. Each and every day has its own importance regarding rituals and traditions. Onam festival starts on the day of Atham. 

1. Day of Atham:

Atham day comes in the Malayalam month of Chingam. It is said that on the day of Atham, king Mahabali started his preparation to descend from the netherworld to Kerala. There is one temple named as " Thrikkakara Temple" which is known as the focal center for Onam and residence of Mahabali. On this day, the Pookkalam is called Athapoo. In the beginning, the size of  Pookkalam is very small but it grows the days of Onam. Each and every house keeps the statues of Mahabali and Vamana on the entrance of their houses. 

2. Day of Chithira:

On the second day, the Pookkalam design is added the second layer on the top with two colours which are mostly orange and creamy yellow. On this day, the people starts the preparation for the Thiruvonam day by cleaning the household.

3. Day of Chodhi:

On the third day of Onam, the Pookkalam grows its size by adding new layers of 4-5 flowers. On this day people also starts the shopping. This day is marked as gifting new clothes. On this day, people buy new clothes and jewellery. 

4. Day of Vishakam:

This day is one of the most favourable days in Onam festival. In ancient time, people started the selling of the harvest. In this time period, this day is marked as the starting of different competition related to Onam such as Pookkalam competition. 

5. Day of Anizham:

This day is one of the most important days in Onam festival. On this day the snake boat race which is known as Vallamkali starts in many parts of Kerala. The snake boats are made at Aranmula Uthrattathi Vallamkali. 

6. Day of Thriketa:

This is the sixth day of Onam festival. Schools and offices have holidays from the day of Thriketa and onwards. People go to their native homes to celebrate this festival. The pookkalam design is added 5-6 new flower types and it becomes very large by this time. 

7. Day of Moolam:

This is the seventh day of Onam festival. Some people organize the small lunch party or feast on this day. This lunch feast is known as "Sadya". Many temples also offer Sadyas on this day and onwards. Many people perform the traditional dances like Kaikotti Kali. The official government celebration starts from this day onwards. 

8. Pooradam:

This is the eighth day of Onam festival. The statues of King Mahabali and Vamana are washed and cleaned. People takes this statue around their house in procession. The design of Pookkalam becomes more complex and bigger from this day than previous days. For the day of Thiruvonam, people do lots of shopping on this day.

9. Day of Uthradom:

This is the ninth day of Onam festival. This is the second last day of this festival. This day is the Onam evening and celebrated in a great way. On this day, people do crazy shopping and buy fresh vegetables, fruits etc. Uthradom is the "First Onam". This day is celebrated very prosperously in each and every house of Kerala. Preparation of the next day called Thiruvonam is started from the evening of Uthradom. 

10. Day of Thiruvonam:

This is the tenth, final and last day of Onam festival. This day is called Thiru-Onam i.e. sacred Onam day. It is also known as "Second Onam". This was that day when Vamana send Mahabali to the netherworld. People starts their working from the early morning of Thiruvonam. They take a bath earlier and also wears new clothes. The eldest female member of each family give the new clothes to other members of the family. Now Pookkalam is prepared to welcome the Mahabali. Most cities of Kerala are celebrated with the use of lights.

Happy Onam Wishes and Greetings Pictures

Here is the list of the onam wishes to send online greetings to your dear one and wish them a Happy Onam 2016. You are free to copy-paste this onam wishes quotes and use as a whatsapp status on Onam days. You can also share these onam greetings on social media platforms like facebook, twiiter and other social media websites to wish Happy Onam.

Onam 2016 quote 
#I wish you a very HAPPY ONAM.
Happy Onam message 
!No Formalities
!No decorative words
!Just from the deepest of my soul..
Happy Onam Wishes
No Greeting Card To Give.
No Sweet gift To Send.
No Cute Graphics To Forward.
but Just A loving HEART Saying
Happy Onam Whatsapp status message
!!Aishwaryavum, Samriddiyum .... Niranja nalla nalukal.. ennum undavatte oppam _manassil snehathinte oru ...onam. HAPPY ONAM!
Happy Onam 2016 Wish for friends
#Oru Thumba poovinte chiriyumayi,,,
Thiruvona naal vannethi....
Ende priya _suhrithinu,
Hridayam niranja _Onashamsakal.!
Wish you all a very happy, prosperous,
colorful, healthy, wealthy and funfilled Onam!
Let this season brings you all lot of good luck,
peace of mind, happiness and all that you wish!

Happy Onam images and greetings pictures 

You can find a couple of onam picture to use on the various social networking website to share Onam Greetings to your dear one. You can choose any pic any use it as a whatsapp dp for onam 2016. 

Happy Onam food

Happy Onam Rangoli Design

Pookam for Onam 2016

Onam food dish wallpaper

Cute girl drawing pooklam on onam

Onam picture

Happy Onam

Happy Onam Wallpaper

Best Wishes of Onam image

IndiaDesh team wishes you a very Happy Onam 2016.

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