Deepika Padukone Hot Photo Shoot for Paper Magazine

International magazine "Paper" calls Deepika Padukone as Bollywood Megastar - Check Deepika Padukone's hot Photos

Mumbai - These days Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is making waves in India and Abroad as well. Recently Deepika has made debut in Hollywood movie Fast and Furious Movie. Deepika is talk of town due to hot photo shoot for American magazine. This is the same magazine for which TV star Kim Kardashian has made nude photo shoot.

Deepika Padukone Hot Photo shoot for Paper

Deepika Padukone has made recent photo shoot for "Paper" magazine. Deepika's hot photo is placed as a cover pic for the fashion and lifestyle magazine. Deepika's hot picture is the cover photo for September issue of the paper magazine.

Deepika Padukone in Paper MagazineDeepika Padukone Hot Photo shoot for Paper

Kim Kardashian has made nude photo shoot for Paper magazine while Deepika has made paper photo shoot in full clothes. She added that being hot doesn't mean Nude. There is a difference between being hot and nudity.

Paper named this magazine "Bollywood megastar is going to win America".

Deepika Padukone Paper Photo suit Video from Instagram.

Deepika has reposted this video on her Instagram account and got more than 305k views and 732 comments on it.

It will be cover pic for Paper magazine and Bollywood glamour star can be seen in full sleeve black top and pearl necklace. People are highly appreciating this photo shoot and supporting her on social media.

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