Anadiben Patel resignation letter gone viral on facebook

Anandiben Patel offers to resign as a chief minister of Gujarat State via Resignation letter on Facebook

Gandhinagar - Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel has offered to resign from the top post of the state via letter on her Facebook page.

Chief Minister announced that she wants to quit the post before she turns her 75 years old on this November.

Anadiben Patel Resignation Letter

She has made a surprise for all by her resignation letter on facebook as follows.

Resignation letter of Gujarat CM Anadiben Patel from her Facebook Wall

Letter is written in Gujarati Language which means

"I have been a committed BJP worker for the past 30 years. I am indebted to the leadership to have elevated me from Mahila Morcha to Chief Minister. I have been in charge of important departments in the government for the past 18 years. I am going to be 75 years old in November. The very important Vibrant Gujarat Summit is being held in January 2017 and elections are due later in the year.. It is good for a new leadership to organise and plan these two big events. Two months ago, I had sought to be relieved,"

Said Anadiben Patel in her resignation request letter. She has also written one more letter in past regarding leaving the top brass of the party.
"I have done everything possible to serve the people of Gujarat. I am grateful towards BJP for the amount of responsibilities I have been trusted with over time.
She added.

Patel had also made this announcement on twitter as well.

Anadiben Patel was under presser since Patidar protest in August 2015. Being a Patel she had not taken much more action against the Policemen and didn't support the Patel Community as per the wish of local Patidar community. More ever Dalits are in the headlines due to flogging of four Dalit youth by cow vigilantes.

Local BJP Activists and leaders said that BJP President Vijay Rupani is the front-runner for the post of Chief Minister in the state. Three of her top ministers, Nitinbhai Patel, Purushottambhai Rupala and Saurabh Patel are also in the race for the CM post.

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