Pokémon Go Review and Ratings - 7.8/10 and Why it is so?

Pokémon Go User Review and Ratings

Ok probably you guys must be thinking of daily routine like “Today I will brush, then I will take a shower, then go to school/college/ job and come back and that’s it, an end of your day. The schedule is slightly different for Pokemon go, lovers. They wake up, catch the Pokemon if it is nearby, then take a shower, while going to college/job catch the Pokemon if it is on its way, while on job grab the Pokemon if it is on the campus and then return home while catching the Pokemon and then sleep. Because of the Pokemon go the lives have been much more exciting and enthusiastic even in one’s day to day schedule. Well if you have not tried Pokemon go, then try it once this will change you and make your boring day to day life exciting.

Pokémon Go Review 

Why Pokémon Go ?

  • Pokémon go is the Augmented reality game by Niantic labs.
  • According to the data collected from similarwebs, 62% of the USA people are playing Pokemon Go on the regular basis.
  • Developer company Nintendo has confirmed that they’ve sold more than 300+ million Pokemon games before a week.
  • Pokemon Go is only game which helps you to regulate the physical exercise. Since you need to walk a lot to catch the Pokemon around you.
  • Pokemon Go is the most viral game in past decade.
This cool game designed by a Niantic studio which is developed by Junichi Masuda is based on GPS and Augmented reality. They came with the plan in 2014 along with the collaboration of Google maps. This game provides with the cool features such as it allows you develop your avatar, after that you have to travel around for the search of the Pokemon. The more and new Pokemon you collect you will be rewarded with different things, and you will increase your level in that, which will allow you to capture stronger Pokemon. Each attempt of catching the Pokemon will cost you the one Poke-ball. And you have to search the more and more Pokemon.

Pokémon Go Rating

Now you might be wondering what after we get a Pokemon. Then if you were a Pokemon in your childhood, then in the cartoon they used to show the fights of the Pokemon take place near the gym. It is the same in Pokemon Go; you have to go to the nearest gym and fight the strongest Pokemon there you have to claim your gym by battling them and winning against their Pokemon. Now they have provided with the pokestops if you run out of the poke balls then you can go to the pokestops and fill your bag with that. In poke-stops they will even provide with many different things which will allow you to use in the game in the later stages.

Detailed Review about Pokémon Go

This game right now is the boom of the market. Statistics are showing that porn is left behind the race with Pokemon Go. Such an addictive game has given a motto into many lives to make them more and more exciting about it. Hence we can say that once you get used to this match, it will help you to lift your lazy ass and travel around and will create a new energy inside. This game will motivate each and every geek to be interactive and also will help them travel a lot. Hence its a rehabilitation center in your Cell-phone itself.

Pokémon Go Review

  • User Experience - 6/10
  • Graphics - 8/10
  • Story Line - 9/10
  • Sound Effects - 6/10
  • Addictive - 10/10
Overall Pokemon Go is the most addictive and viral game in past few years. If you have lots of free time to spent then only install Pokémon Go on your cell phone. It has few positive points as well many negative points associated with it.


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