Bhiwandi Shantinagar building collapse - 7 Killed,12 injured

Seven people are killed and around 15 injured in downfall of building at Shanti Nagar Bhiwandi on Sunday

Bhiwandi- Around seven people were killed and more than 15 people are injured in the downfall of two-storey structure at Gaibi Nagar near Shanti Nagar ar Bhiwandi, More than ten people were rescued and dozen are expected to be under debris.

Shanti Nagar Bhiwandi Building Crashed

People are trying to rescue those who trapped under a collapsed building in Shantinagar, Bhiwandi

Fireman and police rushed to Shantinagar to rescue people. Police said it was little bit late in information. Twelve injured people were admitted to Thane govenment hospital for further treatment. One of those was admitted in Bhiwandi hospital for treatment.

There were about nine families residing in the building. It was already Dilapidated and people were warned as well. But still they were living under a dangor area. Due to heavy rain and Dilapidate condition, Shantinagar (Bhiwandi) building was collapsed and 7 people were died.

There are about 7 people were died and more than 15 are injured in the shantinagar buidling crash incidence said a spokesman of Thane district disaster cell.

Thane Municipal Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal has issued a warning to the families living in decrepit building. after visiting the disaster control cell.

At the time news is being written, Rescue operation is going on under the supervision of District Collector Dr Mahendra Kalyankar.

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