Gujarat touches Highest Temperature of 2016 - Hottest day with 50°C in Ahmedabad

Gujarat manchester city Ahmedabad has crossed record break heat wave with 50° Celsius temperature followed by 44° C in Rajkot and 45° in Baroda. 

Gujarat - It was the hottest day in Gujarat of year 2016. Weather board has already warned about the hike in heat due to massive change in the temperature. Saurashtra-Kutch Region and north Gujarat were noted the maximum temperature in the state. It was the hottest day of 2016 for the Ahmedabad with record break 50° C temperature, Rajkot temperature was 44°, Baroda temperature was 45° C, Kutch temperature was 44° C, Surendranagar temperature was 45° C on 18th may 2016.

Ahmedabad highest temperature in 2016.

May 18 2016 was the hottest day in year. It was like a curfew in the city. Due to massive heat wave, people have rejected to go for office and work as well. Weather board of the Gujarat has already warned about this effect by means of news, TV ads and Radio advertisement. People are advised not to go out of the home without any purpose.

Ahmedabad Weather Report 18 May 2016.

Different websites are showing the different temperature for the Ahmedabad on 18th may. here are the various weather report of Ahmedabad city.

Temperature noted by IndiaDesh team on mobile phone.
Ahmedabad 50° C temperature
According to the Google Smart search,  highest temperature in Ahmedabad was 48° C and lowest was 30°. It will be continue for next two days as well. People will suffer a lot due to survival heat wave in the Gujarat.

Rajkot Weather Report 18 may 2016

It was the hot day in Rajkot with max 45° C and min 30° C temperature. Most of the people have rejected to come out from their house without work. 

"Students are not able to enjoy the vacations due to the heat wave. Scarcity of water is increasing the problems."
Said local public.

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