Google Assistant to take on Siri : Lauched at Google I/O 2016

Google has launched its own voice based personal assistant named "Google Assistant" at Google I/O 2016 at Mountain View, CA. It can replace the Apple Siri and Alexa.

Mountain View, CA - Google CEO Sundar Pichai has recently made an announcement releasing the new Google service called "Google Assistant" at Google I/O developers conference 2016 on 18th may, Wednesday. It is the voiced based personal assistant that will perform the task based on your voice query. It can replace the almost all voice-based personal assistants.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant Logo

Sundar Pichar has announced the new assistant during the Google IO 2016 event on Wednesday. He said that almost 20% of the searches are via voice search. So in order to make it more feasible. The've released a new personal voice assistant called "Google Assistant".

He added
"Our ability to do conversational understanding is far ahead of what other assistants can do."
He has performed many demos on the stage. Sundar Pichai has asked the "Who directed The Revenant?". Google Assistant has instantly replied "Alejandro G. Iñárritu,". It is the correct answer for the question asked by him. Again he showed that we can continue the conversation without repeating the name of director.

Apart from it, Sundar showed a short video of how Google Assistant Works. In which he asked many questions to it and all were answered correctly. You can ask about the time, distance, price, traffic, translation and a lot more things via voice search to Google Assistant and it will give the most possible correct answer as a contextual form.

A new device called "Google Home" is launched in the event. You can use the Google Assistant with Home and enjoy. You can order the Google home in few days which will deliver in later 2016.

Google Assistant is taking voice as an input and gives reply as a contextual form. It is focused on the Machine Learning concept. Get more updates about the Google Io 2016, Google Doodle, Android N (Android M was Marshmallow), Android Wear, Google Home and Google Spaces from India Desh website. 

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