What to do when you are missing someone?

What to do when you miss someone?

Missing someone who was a part of your life is the hardest part of the life. But it is possible. You might be feeling bored, kicked out of the life and your mind might be full of negative thoughts. It may be due to your breakup or you might left the love of life.

This type of condition is preferably known as the depression and it is very very painful. You have lose all the desires of life and wanna run out of the crowd and stay alone.

Breaking up and patching up is the common phenomenon of life. Daily thousands of couple around the world are being separated. Its quite easy to get attracted by someone and fell in love with that person. but to maintain the love forever is the biggest and toughest part of the game. It is only possible when you have control on your guts and feelings.

Missing a loved one is the worst and first feeling that comes after the breaking up with your ex-partner. We have listed a few tips to do when you miss somebody?

What to do when miss someone:

1. Accept the changes

When you are badly missing someone and regretting for past, do this thing. "Accept the unpleasant change that happened in your life." Life is all about to accept the unpredictable changes.". Read all the steps given below to get more idea about when you miss someone.

2. Be Yourself


Just for a moment forget everything. Your past, present etc. Just think about yourself and ask a question to yourself. Who am I? Believe in yourself. Don't be relay on her/him. Change your daily lifestyle as you wish. Most of the couples are living the daily lifestyle based on the choice of partner. Now its time for you. You need to change your day to day routine, clothing style, hairstyle and have some fun.

3. Have hangout with friends.

Having a good friends in this situation will works as a medicine during sickness. You can cry or share your bad experience with him.her instead of smoking, drinking and running away from the society. 

4. Try to destroy everything related to past.

It hurts but cure. You might be killing yourself inside by starring at her/his pics, the gifts given by him/her. Stop it man. It was your past and if you really wanna forger your partner and get out of this situation, you must have to do it. I know its not that easy but you've to do it.

5. Find your love around you. (things not a person)

Try to replace your past with present. Forget everything for a while and try to find a thing that are feeling more comfortable. Replace the love with your passion. You can also find some good activities that will keep your minds too much busy in doing that rather than thinking about her. 

6. Prepare a daily schedule

Don't let you ask the same question to yourself "what to do when I'm bored?". Prepare a good schedule that will fill up the space between your free time and boredom. Empty mind is a source of nostalgia moments and miss the person they love the most in past.

Missing someone or something is nothing but abrupt break in your day to day life. Habits and schedule is often changing and when it get changed, you might be feeling uncomfortable. But time is the most effective healing medicine. try to follow the steps given for doing something new when you miss someone.

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