Youtube Red Released – The Ad Free Subscription Service At $ 9.99 / Month

YouTube has launched 'The Ad Free Subscription Service at $9.99 / month in order to totally terminate ads for the paid users.

Youtube Red Released – The Ad Free Subscription Service At $ 9.99 / Month

Finally, one of the most awaited, marvelous and anticipated technology news goes viral. YouTube eventually launched today its 'Ad Free Subscription Service'. It has been very annoying for 75% of the total users of Youtube when they see any online video or short films only because of the ads. Ultimately, here comes the solution from their side and they officially launched the date for its release- October 28, 2015. The sources revealed that it is going to  cost the users / viewers $9.99 / month. Though all the YouTube fans are happy with this service to be given as they are happy enough to pay this money when they will need to watch 'Ad Free' videos.

Youtube Red Ad Free Subscription Service Details Features Specs

As always, YouTube has been known for qualitative innovations and creation in its services to the viewers and users. Using this impressive, delicate & mind blowing feature, it has gained market value cum growth. The splendid characteristic of it playing the music in background when a viewer can stream videos or music easily but can also put the screen off. One of the revolutionary steps in making YouTube more exigent and exciting. Thus, now user will have a complete and totally ad-free atmosphere, irritation-less experience. Ohhh ! User can now save their favorite video clips or music for offline viewing also, isn't it great ? 
Moreover, let's talk about the add-ons or plus points of this subscription service as they have been trying to give more and more features in $9.99. If a user subscribed for this service then he will be able to get free subscription of Google Play Music. Wow, this is going to be a noteworthy and additional feature for the users to grab this service as soon as possible. And if a user is already paying for Google Music, he is automatically eligible for 'YouTube Ad Free Red Service'. Happy days have come for the YouTube users as the news is spreading like 'Velocity of Light'.
Though this service is currently available only in United States, it is heard that this will be coming to Asia-European countries soon. If a U.S. citizen leaves his country then he can play the offline videos within limit of one months. YouTube Red will be soon shining in mobile (iOS and Android). 
Let's see, how people will approach to this paid service of YouTube. 

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