The power of Self Healing: Latest Mobile Technology

The power of Self Healing: Latest Mobile Technology

Just when we think that there is a limit to the ability of science and technology’s evolution, we are proven wrong at the very next moment. The generation of mobile phones has seen revolutionary technological advancement and everyday astonished with something new.  Just when I thought what more can be done with the hardware of a smartphone besides the screen size and the finish of the looks, the scientists made me shut up by introducing the self healing screen. Oh yes! You read it write, the mobile screen can heal itself! Is that even possible?  Well, read on.

The basic technology is based upon properties of materials which change in accordance with the nature of the surroundings. The materials as designed such that they alter their properties as per the changes in the surrounding. With the increasing sophistication and understanding of the nano-materials, scientists will be soon be able to manufacture materials that will need no maintenance, how’s that? A onetime investment will give you a product for a lifetime.

 Talking about the current technology that mobile phones will use, the layers of protective film is said to have three sub-layers, each of them having a specific purpose and role to play in the self healing of the surface. The top sub-layer is supposed to be hydrophobic, i.e. it repels water. To keep the other sub-layers protected from the adverse effects of exposure to water. The second sub-layer is consisting of polymer ‘stalks’ which form the intermediate between the ‘active’ ingredients in the bottom most layer and the exposed layer on the top. The working principle is quite tricky to understand but if we talk plain English, we can understand it in this way. Whenever the top layer is scratched , some part of the top layer is removed and the polymer stalks are exposed to the environment.

 When this happens the concentration gradient created forces the ‘active’ ingredient is forced to crawl up the layer of polymer stalk and the top layer gets replenished. And your gadget looks as good as new, free from any scratches.

The potential of the exploring this technology is huge and much work is being done in the same. Beyond, electronic gadgets this technology can be used on cars, which would mean you never have to worry about bruises on your dream car. On airplanes, meaning no dust deposits and thus less air resistance, less fuel consumption, lesser air fare !  The applications are endless and the opportunities as vast as ocean. Keep exploring.

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