Shaandar Movie Review- Far more Fantastic

Shaandar Movie proves to be faded as it has done its huge promotion in media and presses but Alia and Shahid shines as done 'Shaandar' acting.

Shaandar Movie Review- Far more Fantastic

There was a buzz for this movie since long as the duo jodi -Shahid and Alia make a cute romantic couple on screen. Vikas Bahl's last movie "Queen" was a blockbuster and gained lot of respect from the viewers and Kangana became a stardom like structure overnight. Shahid had done magnificent performance in Haider- his last movie and Alia Bhatt is trying to gain attention of mature audience to become one of the leading 'Female Protagonists' in Bollywood to compete against Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Katrina Kaif. Unfortunately, the movie isn't Shaandar as the plot has not got any uniqueness and creativity. All it has got innovative was music track, wardrobe and funky dance by the duo.

Though this movie was big budget and with lavish effects, Indiadesh reporters have found that critics have appraised the acting of the actor and actress but not the movie script as it goes bit off the track just like every other normal Bollywood movie. 'Gulabo' Song has gained so much fame since the day it was released because of its lyrics and some extra-ordinary choreography.

The movie begins with some fading voice of Naseeruddin Shah along with the animations going on in the foreground when we learn that Alia was adopted by Bipin Arora. Bipin has got dominating mother, a catty wife and an old beer bottle cap. Alia (Alia Bhatt) grows up as an insomniac who often chews gum, eats random bananas, read unworthy books and insanely Googling something. Bipin (Pankaj Kapoor) has one dream (the obvious one) that he could find a brave, macho and smart man who can put Alia to sleep, takes care of her and love like him. 
Here comes our Hero when Bipin and Alia meet wedding planner for Bipin's daughter in an English estate. Jagjinder (Shahid Kapoor) is a real man who dances, drives a bike and cool looking dude. On paper, this movie is about two daughters- one adopted and the pretty one Alia ; another one who is kind hearted and purely business oriented like a business partner for her mother and grandmother. On screen, Shaandar is director's attempt to make a remix of Frozen and almost every Rajshri films as Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon
The best part of Shaandar is its trailer and so to the audience who is going to see 145 minutes -Be aware as the film is not well written and directed so as to save the pocket money. There are certain moments after the interval which are very humorous but let's keep it spoiler-less till then as those scenes will be the only few selected to be seen in the whole movie. It's a family movie though but tried to put up some 'adult' masala joke and punches (which didn't work).
Shahid's sister Sanah Kapoor makes her debut who was made fun of for her butt and weight but it's obvious. Dum Laga ke Haisha's Sandhya remains quiet and decent one. Pankaj Kapoor seemed sort of befuddled but eventually boring. For those who loves Alia and Shahid, it's a must watch movie as their chemistry is fabulous in this movie along with their spices of comedy romantic scenes. Indiadesh gives this movie an overall rating of 2.5/5.

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