Modern Movie Theatres: The New Generation of Watching Movie

Modern Movie Theatres

The age of cinemas started since man was able to capture images on a rolling film and view it later as a video. The art of cinematography has ever since evolved day by day and has now reached to the hands of each and every individual. There was a time when films were restricted only for a few but now anyone can enjoy the videos very easily as they become more easily accessible. This sounds like good news for the consumers but this is bringing hard time for the cinema theatres.
As more and more content is been available to stream from the comfort of one’s living room, film industry is finding it difficult to lure audience into the theatres. This problem arises as the viewing experience at ones home has been enhanced to a whole new level by giving a rich video resolution and a superior sound quality to the television sets at home. So the movie theatres now require something new to lure in more audiences. And they are ready to take up the challenge. A company called CJ 4DPex plans to add a whole new technology in the movie theatres to make the movie more interactive by turning the movie-going experience into a thrill ride which includes blasting audiences in the face with water. Will this really work? Well, we cant say much. 
CJ 4DPlex plans to introduce a combination of three effects for the interactive 4DX theatre seats that can move, vibrate and tickle the audience so as to enhance your movie experience. Although the company has larger base outside U.S. but it hopes that this new feature will aid in expanding their business in North America too. 

These effects might sound just like simulations, but the 4DX seats actually have hidden misters and fan that can squirt water on the audiences and recreate the feeling of being trapped in a rainstorm. Even warm air can be blasted which make the audience feel as if they are actually visiting a tropical region. These will work in conjunction with the other in-theatre gimmicks like the bubble-effect machines which are installed to simulate the feeling of being underwater. Whether these effects will bring back the lost glory of the cinema theatres, no one can be sure. But let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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