Apple iPhone 6S review

Apple iPhone 6S has got the exact look like iPhone 6 but camera hardware and 3-D Touch has made this phone more special and antique. Let's find out more.

Apple iPhone 6S review

With the apple's new tagline 'the only thing that's changed is everything', iPhone 6S is trying hard to show that this time they have brought something extra-ordinary and not unlike any iterative update to its predecessor.  The most anticipated and awaited phone has finally launched and the buyers are dying to get it in their hands to feel the delicacy of its features- physically and internally. The phone brings few ultimate features like 3-D Touch and puts a revolutionary step in camera hardware. Let's try to find step by step what iPhone 6S has got for the buyers.

Looks just like the previous iPhone 6

No change in the physical look as it just looks like the previous version of iPhone. Though it's heavier and bit thicker than the earlier but it won't be noticed as it is negligible. This time they have introduced the color variety for the fans and 'new rose gold' comes into picture for the buyers who want light and elegant looking color for their personal cum professional use.

Apple claimed to have used more strength ful material of Series 7000 of aluminium for the body. It is a necessary and sufficient conditions for the high budget phone to build the confidence in the buyers as a safe side. Moreover, they have to overcome the 'Bendgate' controversy or drawbacks with its previous 'iPhone 6 Plus'.

Exactly same  display as before

4.7-inch display with 336 pixels per inch resolution has remained the same as before. Yet, it was rumored that a full HD-display will be featured in this phone but yes the display is awesome as it's totally readable under sunlight and when viewed with wide angels it is not at all distorted. This is because of the dual-domain pixels. Moreover, smudging is prevented as there is fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating done on it. 

Unique software features - 3D Touch & Live Photos

The unique software 3D Touch has been the core focus and centre of attraction for the buyers as it is incredible and mind blowing while use. There are two levels of touch-peek and pop for the double tapping for zooming in and out. This touch was first seen in the Apple Watch and now this magnificent feature is in this phone. It is actually the enhanced version of Force Touch and an exciting way to interact with the phone's touch screen. This feature has been enabled in third party apps like Instagram, Zomato, Paytm and Facebook. Apple has put a special subtle vibration when you peek or pop.

Live Photos
Live Photos is one of the most coolest feature in this phone as it enables the shoting of 3 second animated GIF with the inclusion of sound each time anyone shoots a still. In fact, it makes a special cover action when you hit the 'Shutter' button. Live Photos can be set as wallpaper when you can play them by tapping hard on the display. Live Photos can be shared using AirDrop, iCloud Photo Sharing, iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp also.

Other iOS 9 features
iPhone 6S runs on iOS 9 that means that there are some minor changes that has made in the iOS also. The upgradation has been intelligent and smart in context of emails, calendars and usage pattern. Efficiently, it is maintaining every schedule in the calendar with every updates on traffic conditions and when connected with any accessories.

Apart from all this features, better Siri (Apple's voice assistant) and mind blowing Camera of 5MP selfie and 12 MP adjustable rear camera with adjustable lens are one of the key points to be taken into consideration before buying the latest version of Apple phone series.

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