Welcome Back Movie Spoiler 2015

Welcome Back, the much awaited movie, has got almost the same star caste for the sequel but the only difference made is John Abraham (Ajju Bhai) takes place of Akshay Kuamar. The theme starts with a blast as eye-catching wardrobe & superb screenplay. Uday (Nana Patekar) and Majnu (Anil Kapoor) are the same old humorous trying desperately to impress some pretty girl by their don-hood in Dubai.

Welcome Back Movie Spoiler and Review

The plot takes the twist when Dr.Ghungroo (Paresh Rawal) suddenly finds that Ajju is his son. Ajju falls in love with Ranjana (Shruti Hassan) & the love part is made with plentiful humor.
Welcome Back Scene Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar
Unfortunately, Ranajana is Uday’s sister & then starts the havoc like Part- I but the story doesn’t settle with the stable and consistent comedy dialogues and punches by the actors like Part-I.
Uday and Majnu falls in love with the same girl Chandni (Ankita Srivastava) just like previous version but there is no real charm like Mallika Sherawat. Though Chandni & her mother Maharani Padmavati (Dimple Kapadia) are con artists who loot rich people, there is no sense on why the mother character was introduced. Also, the multi starrer movie failed to show the audience the glimpse of ‘Laugh Out Loud’ moment before the first half.

Dr. Ghunghroo , Ajju, Uday, Chandni & Majnu invariantly plays their part quite significantly well up to the interval session as the song ‘Main Babli hui, Tu Bunty hua Bandh Kamre mein 20-20 hua’ caught the attention of the audience with the most virtually weird lyrics. The encounter of two more characters who are the ‘Don of the Don’(Naserudin Shah and Ahuja Shiney) failed to impress in the movie as the dialogue blown were really cheap and without humor.

The story surrounds just like Part-I with nothing new in it. Adding an insult to the injury, a graveyard part is shown in the film where Uday-Majnu plays Antakshari with ghosts. The most important thing is that too many unusual and unnecessary songs are placed at uncertain part of the movie which made it more frustrating for the crowd who just came for humor. Shah is Wanted Bhai, a blind daddy of all dons who will, of course, kill for his druggie son, Honey (Ahuja). But Honey is not dead & blah blah the same story as Welcome-I. Finally, the director spoiled the mood by showing some unrealistic 15 minutes fighting scene; camels & choppers who just look similar like children playing a video game of 90s.

Henceforth, Welcome Back was not worth like Part-I & also couldn’t prove enough to laugh the audience. Apart from Nana Patekar & Anil Kapoor, all the star cast didn’t justify their roles (May be something missing in the script). Also read good news that Gang of Wasseypur 3 directed by Anurag kashyap.

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