The perfect girl movie review- title doesn't justifies but acting does

The Perfect Girl is a movie of an aspiring filmmaker who is desperate to make his personal and professional life by his filmmaking. Jay (Teeshay) is a 35 year old guy who is following his intuition in fulfilling the dream. His family firmly believes in arranging marriage to let him settle down & henceforth wishing Jay to forget his career. But all they find is that he is still in love with Vedika (Tara-Alisha Berry). It was 14 years ago when he met her and was intimate to each other even rationally.

The Perfect Girl Movie

They wished to give him some closure so as to overcome his forbidden love. The movie then begins in a past/snowflakes when Jay first met Vedika. The encounter flashes with the Vedika in Goa & within just 2 days of staying together they feel elixir life. They feel that they are made for each other yet no force on earth could be able to separate them, In fact, destiny has some other plans for this perfect couple which is followed by some tragic moments in the second half.

The Perfect Girl Movie Review

The title ‘The Perfect Girl’ doesn’t justifies the gener as the audience is in enthusiasm to see actress as a protagonist. The girl who is Vedika is second priority in the movie and not the parody where both are not ready to accept the society discrimination. One of the most interesting screenplays of this movie is when they do the commercials on ‘anti-smoking’ for good of public interest. This becomes one of the luckiest commercials for them as they get approaches from the filmmakers. It totally showed the quote ‘Love is harmful in the same fashion it is adorable.

The stake of Jay for Vedika is intriguing & the love he has for the actress is strange. The more he feels for the girl the more feeling of perfection he gets. It is the vibe or the wave of love which is surrounding Jay for Vedika. But the strange part is that Jay almost fell for the girl who was almost a stranger and even didn’t know Vedika’s surname. Time never waits for anyone & so it does the same here as the clock is ticking but he is not able to settle down like layman considering him unique enough to differ.
Teeshay and Jay can be explained as did their commendable job despite having their debut performance. This movie would have impacted much if it had some more mystical & irony. The film has not got anything ‘Perfect’ but as mentioned by the critics the cinematography is awesome. Indiadesh gives this movie 2/5 which proves less rated because of its low promotion and least box office collection but certainly better than the newcomer’s another movie ‘Hero’.

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