Tamasha-Ranbir and Deepika back again

The most awaited movie of 2015 is coming in November with a bang. Yes, Ranbir & Deepika are back again together in the most hilarious manner in their upcoming movie ‘Tamasha’.

Tamasha -Ranbir and Deepika toegther again

The ‘Jodi’ had done tremendously good in ‘Yeh Jawani hein Diwani’ but the ex-lovers were supposedly not to make any movies together but Imtiaz Ali took the risk of bringing them both together. It’s obvious that they both have other partners in real life but in reel-life they have the best chemistry of them all.


The trailer is killer & of course the music will rock the audience because it’s of AR Rahman. Imtiaz Ali, Ranbir & Deepika released their trailer launch on Tuesday evening in press conference with full crowd. Let’s talk about the trailer & its pros-cons. It’s the same like YJHD but it is more twisted this time in Tamasha because Ranbir is the cute sweet nice guy who desperately needs the break from his normal life and Deepika Padukone is his savior. The fun fare will roll in France as most of the shooting is done there. The amid laughs, songs & gorgeous backgrounds in Corsica are extra-ordinary. Everything is cool and breezy when Ved (Ranbir) meets Mona Darling (Deepika Padukone) in France & they fall for each other as free-spirited nature with no surprise. The reality is totally different this time as when they return from the journey, they see the casualness of life & there comes the crack in the relationship. It’s actually the story we have all heard but Imtiaz Ali emphasizes in the trailer “Why always the same story ?” Imtiaz has always tried the same thing but with different contexts and measurements


Ved’s life is surrounded by engineering job, crying and laughing but when he sees Tara, he just breaks the mundane routine like anything. Imtiaz has enforced an epic dialogue to be said by both as “Hum apne bare me jo bhi kahenge, jhooth kahenge aur jhooth k siva kuch nahi kahenge. And what happens in Corsica, stays in Corsica." This movie will bring Ranbir and Deepika after 2 years while Ranbir and Imtiaz will be back together again after ‘Rockstar’. Irshad Kamil is the lyricist and writer of this movie. Ranbir’s fluent lines at the end of the trailer is mind blowing as “Wahi kahani fir ek baar, majnu ne liye kapde faad, maar tamasha beech bazaar"


Let’s see how this movie works out as no creativity in the plot or the theme is showcased but the only same ‘Love Aaj Kal’ avtar’s Deepika and the nomadic rocking star of ‘Rockstar’ be Ranbir again. Deepika is one of the leading queens of Bollywood but Ranbir seriously needs to nurture his career. It will be interesting to see what this lucky pair ought to perform after the release on November 27,2015.

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