Micromax to develop its own OS in Smartphones in coming Months

Indian mobile company Micromax is planning to develop its own custom operating system for the android based smartphones in upcoming months.

Bangalore - There is an ongoing trend that the mobile companies build and design their own OS. This ensures reliability, quality & creativity of that particular brand. Xiaomi and Samsung had begun this trend and Micromax is soon keen to follow that path. Indiadesh reports said that the home-brewed smart phone maker Micromax is standing next in the queue for the revolutionary trend setting. The OS will be equipped with suite of apps and services which will smoothly work in TVs, Tablets, Phones & Wearables. It will be the replica like other Operating Systems. Since Google’s Open Source Platform is advantageous to the brands who utilizes that effectively and Micromax will fork an OS for Android Version for the ease of the users across the globe.

Micromax OS

Micromax Logo Source: Micromax.com
The Company’s leading software team is in Bangalore & around 80 smart engineers have been recruited from Nokia in Research and Development. It is heard that this developers are from Beijing and the design team is striving hard enough to fork Android OS separately for Micromax to make a new market growth for Micromax mobile. The reports also said that the Operating System will be unique than the other replicated OS in order to make a strong Market hike as Micromax is the fastest growing mobile company in India since last 2011.
Vikas Jain (Micromax’s Co-Founder) reveals to Indiadesh “ Probably by the end of the financial year, Our smartphones with the latest OS will be available & as usual it will be priced accordingly-affordably. We serves Quality, Reliability, Affordability, Maintainability.” Users have to wait till the financial year ends as the official statement was confirmed by the Co-founder and it will be interesting to watch the developers research and creativity in the OS.
Micromax is diverting its focus on Software because the other renowned brands have started doing it as per the demand of the audiences. The understanding of the local market has been well structured by the Micromax mobiles as it is securing the 2ndspot in Indian Handset Market in 2015. It gained 11k crore revenue in 2015 & almost 36 million phones in this year. Since 2014, the team have worked on Yu brand & it went dramatically popular because of the Cyanogen OS in it. The company is eyeing to do the same in the coming period with their own weaved OS.

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