Katti Batti Spoiler-Imran fails again but Ranaut is stylish

Katti Batti Spoiler-Imran fails again but Ranaut is stylish

Nikhil Advani has gambled dramatically in his just released film ‘Katti Batti’ starring the reigning queen of Box-Office & almost struggling Imran Khan. The movie is an amalgamation of ‘500 Days of Summer’, ‘Love and Other Drugs’ and classic Bollywood love-falls dollops. It is a boring love story of Maddy (Imran) and Payel (Ranaut) who has been patched & de-patched simultaneously in the regular interval of the movie just like every other Bollywood movie.

Katti Batti Spoiler

Maddy obviously falls in deep love with Payel. Payel only wishes to have ‘Time-Pass’ relationship with Maddy but Maddy is in so deep soul love with Payel that he wants to marry her. The movie is seriously a blunder because Nikhil has shown Ranaut a very cheezy but forward girl though silent in the whole movie. Nikhil has given every single chance to Imran to show his talent as of course he is struggling in his acting and charm since his last movie ‘Delhi Belly’.  

Eventually, they come to a decision to live-in together. That’s right! It is transparent and predictable movie even for those who haven’t seen the official trailer. Nikhil has tried desperately to showbiz ‘Manforce Condoms’ in one of the scene in a humorous way. The hilarious moment is when Payel leaves Maddy without prior information or warning. Viewers still thought that there would be something that wasn’t shown in the trailer but again it’s crystal clear that Maddy feels that Payel loves him too(though left him).

The interesting thing about this movie is that not a single character is shown normal or sane. Including the star cast, Maddy’s boss is an insane human being who thinks that he is living a life in a vaudeville show. A more than loftier motive to tell a love story can’t be worse than this. Again, Maddy is heartbroken & tries to go in flashbacks to reconnect the memories of the past with Payel & juggles it with his true intimate feelings.

Viewers are still perplexed with the fact why toilet scenes are everywhere in the movie for almost no reason. Maddy sees payel’s Ex-boyfriend in toilet, Maddy sits on the toilet in the cubicle of his neighbour while Milkha (pet turtle) pees in an unusual way in the toilet & that is the only joke in the movie. He is not in his charisma as he failed in distracting the audience who is bored of the insane and idiotic script. The potential of the movie could have been far more splendid if Ranaut was playing a lead role acting wise.

Maddy succeeded in justifying his college-going young boy look but didn’t proved the irony of the script in a matching way. The movie title was not convincing as it looked childish but Payel’s outlandish wardrobe & hair style would surely be the fashion in the coming months. The only unique thing the movie showcased was a Facebook group called ‘FOSLA-Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association’ which might be dazzling for real life boys like Imran,LOL.

Well, let’s get reminded that Kangana is an actress who gave super-duper hit movie like Queen & Tanu Weds Manu Returns but this movie ensures to be compared with Hero undoubtedly. Let’s wait until Monday to see if the movie is rejoicing, lucrative or really lunatic. Indiadesh gives this movie 1/5 star (1 is because of the wardrobe in the movie).

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