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Watch Live Patidar Anamat Andolan Ahmedabad - Maharally

Patidar Anamat Andolan, Ahemedabad Countdown is started. Patidar are not ready for give up without reservation in OBC. Gujarat Govt. is already threaten because of this Patidar Reservation Rally. You can get live updates of Patidar Anamat Andolan Ahmedabad from Indiadesh. Hardik Patel added that "Patidar are all ready for the big battle for reservation for OBC."

LIVE UPDATES FROM patidar anamat aandolan 
8:00pm - More than 100+ buses departured from Surat to Ahmedabad. 
11:00 - Large gathering of patidar out side Rajkot.  Saurashtra Anamat stickers pasted to every car/bus arriving to ahmedabad from Rajkot. 
1:00 - Massive flow of Patidar started arriving. 
3:05 - More than 6lac+ patidars Reach to Ahmedabad for Reservation rally. 
3:48 -  "Jay Sardar" - "Jay Patidar" on roads of AHMEDABAD started.
6:00 - GMDC Ground was almost half filled and people started speech from the stage.
8:00 - Large traffic across the near by villages keep marching towards the GMDC Ground.
9:30 - Bike and Car parking was almost full at GMDC Ground.
10:45 - GMDC Ground was full with Patidars fighting for Reservation rights.
11:45 Patidar Anamat Andolan Convener Hardik Patel says "I'll be on fast until Gujarat CM Anandinben Patel Come and Receive the representation.
12:00 People started marching towards the collector office.
2: 00 Huge people have started joining with "Jay Sardar" "Jay Sardar" as a slogan..
2:45 Clash between the Patidar Anamat Rally and other caste people at Vadaj.
3:20 Another clash Between Patidar Rally people and Other caste at Vadaj, Just opposite to first incidence.
3:40 Police used Para Military team, CPRF Commanado, SRP and other police officers.
3:45 Tear gas fired.
4:00 Another Clash Started at Akhbar Nagar, Road was almost blocked due to this battle.
5:00 Police and military team has taken care and every was fine at the end.
8:58 Hardik Patel is arrested by Police for Fast without permission at GMDC Ground/

Patidar Anamat Rally 2015

Patel or Patidar are fighting for their rights to get a benefit of Reservation. As a part of this Patidar are ready for "Shakti Pradarshan" at GMDC Ground Ahmedabad. More than 110+ rallies are being marched in Gujarat in past 45 days. It will be a mega show by Patidars. More than 25lac+ Patidars will be gathered at Ahmedabad and ask for the rights of reservation. 

Gujarat CM Aanadiben Patel Confirmed that it is not possible to include the Patidar in OBC. On the other hand, It is not allowed to reserve more than 50%+ of the total. It is the biggest question for govt. that what to do now? Patidar are not ready to accept anything other than "RESERVATION".
Patidar Anamat Andolan Wallpaper - HD Photo
Before that, More than 4lac+ Patels were gathered in Patidar Rally at Surat. It will be a Patel power show to whole world not only country. Many records will be generated by Patidars at Ahmedabad Maha Rally. 

Watch Live Patidar Anamat Andolan Ahmedabad 

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Live Patidar Rally at Ahmedabad

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