Ussain Bolt wins the race by marginally 0.01 seconds against Justin Gatlin in 100m race.

Ussain Bolt once again showed to the world that he is not the one who can just easily give up against any rivalry in the world. He snatched the victory against his Rival Justin Gatlin (Twice Banned) and with this 100m win he retained his world title. This match was certainly more than a race for the sporting world and the audience who raised the doping issues against him. This match was like the clash of ‘Evil vs Good’.Ussain Bolt’s triumph roared the Bird’s Nest Stadium and the doubters who were insecure about its future.

Ussain Bolt : Fastest man on the earth

Bolt crossed the line just 0.01 seconds before his rival Gatlin & this was heart throbbing for the millions around the world watching the race plus the live audience who got their soul outside their body. Bolt won the race by completing the race touching line in just 9.79 seconds that is marginally negligible to feel or imagine but anyhow he overtook the seemingly inaccessible Justin.  Steve Cram (The Former World Champion) says “He has surely saved his world title; it belongs to him as it is his reputation and he certainly has saved it too in this sport for future.”

Ussain Bolt, the American Sprinter, is a 33 year old Jamaican & is the fastest person ever to win both the 100m and 200 m world records. He has been the World Champion 9 times and was unbeaten in the 29 races. This 29 unbeaten race took the least time to complete this year in the world. He holds the title ‘Double Double’ by triumphing 100m and 200m titles at Olympics 2008.
Michael Johnson (Athletics Expert of BBC) says “ I am perplexed as this is Bolt’s coolest race ever. It was totally a variety of 10 seconds shown on the ground. He too will be proud of this triumph without any doubt. This was something different than the race but the talent he’s got inbuilt and not just the technique.”

Gatlin had easily entered into Semis but Ussain Bolt was struggling with his form in this year. In the end, it was Bolt who cheered the audience in their seats to shout like anything. 
On this Ed Warner (Chairman of UK Athletics) exclaims “Everybody was so anxious to let Bolt win this race and the impact of this overdramatize was felt in the stadium.” 
Ussain Bolt showed the best performance of his career to conquer the favorite in this race ‘Justin Gatlin’.

Here are some facts and figures of Bolt:

  • He has now three 10 m world titles and equalizes with Carl Lewis and Maurice Greene.
  • He has total of 9 world titles; three gold in 100m, three in 200 m and three in Relay Sprints.
  • He holds the world record of winning the 100m in 9.58 seconds and 200m in 19.19 seconds.

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