Three AAP MLA culprit in illegal activities

New Delhi: AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) is always in the news with some of its unusual and extraordinary deeds. Recently 3 of their MLAs are alleged in conducting forgery; anti-party things & they have been using and showing ‘wrong documents’. AAP is possibly going to throw the MLAs from the party as AAP’s reputation is spoiled due to the evil deeds.

Aam Aadmi Party Culprit News

Manoj Kumar, Jitender Singh Tomar and Pankaj Pushkar are the culprits who might lose the membership of the party. It all depends on the trio and the speaker that will make this crucial decision for the unanimous solution. One of the senior AAP member told Indiadesh on this condition “2 out of 3 persons have literally made the party’s dignity to a dent and dirt. Our party is desperately considering this issue as to give the layman an illustration of how zero tolerance AAP is when it’s case of corruption and any wrong doings. We shall soon make an official announcement on this case very soon.”
Aam Aadmi Party MLA in culprit
First let’s talk about Tomar, he is involved in submitting fake degrees (education purpose) and is currently lodged in Tihar for the charge. He broke the RTI (Right to Information) section in an UP college that he had completed his degree from that college. This former minister forged includes BSc degree, law degree to the Deli Council and educational provisional documents in 2010.

Though AAP seemed to support the Tri Nagar Legislator but as soon as the police proved the charges as true and liable they decided to dissociate them. CM Kejriwal claimed that he doesn’t know anything about this and he was kept in the dark about the wrong documents.

Second, Kumar was suspected earlier this month when he forged the documents to sell the land. Actually the land he sold was under his ownership. He has on him several cases of assault and cheating till date. AAP and Kejriwal are very unhappy with this uncertain turn of events.

The third MLA Pankaj Pushkar is likely to face the knife shoved but he is backed by the Prashant Bhushan, Anand Kumar, Ajit Jha and Yogendra Yadav. He interrogated his party’s dispute to spend the provident public funds on advertisements field.

AAP exclaimed the arrest to be called as ‘Vindictive’. Party is assuring to make the right decision for all this 3 persons. They said that these people are totally boycotted by the party members since long. They tried to eradicate virtually from the company and put the party in its high prestige.

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