Smriti Irani Said No-detention Policy in Schools can be reversed, but Need States

Delhi- No-detention Policy in Schools can be reversed, but Need States' Views: Smriti Irani

‘The no-detention’ policy in schools seems quite adventurous and exciting at first but it is on the verge to affect the learning adversely. Union Human Resources Development Head Smriti Irani said in a press conference that the final decision can only be executed when it is given as a written response from the concerned states. 

‘The no-detention’ policy

The NDA government boarded the first newly constituted CABE (Central Advisory Board of Education) and Smriti Irani addresses as ,
”All the party members jointly agreed to the revoking decision to the no-detention policy but we still wish to have many important concerns regarding the valid proof statement.” 
The RTE (Right to Education Act) 2009 was framed by the UPA government & explains that any student will not be detained till Class 8 in schools but the provision is seemed unpractical now & so there is more of a revision or reversal in the act..

The recap Smriti Irani ‘The no-detention’ policy press conference speech is: 

Union Human Resources Development Head Smriti Irani

  • All the government schools are now facilitated with toilets and the work is successfully implemented as promised. She thanked the state governments for assistance to execute it to the point.
  • School cum higher secondary education policies and reforms will be monitored by a central committee predefined. And sub-committee is set up to re-engage the school students.
  • The newly formed education reforms and consolations have started taking their shapes in some states for which she is really happy.
  • This was her 1st meeting as the chairman and she is glad that she has received lot of cooperation and response from the states persons
  • By November, the representatives will analyze the 1st draft of newly formed Education Policy and is assumed to be ready by the last month of 2015.
Though there was a speculation that government is planning to make Class 10 exams on a compulsion but it is currently withdrawn as the conflicts in the New Education Policy was raised. But Smritiji is certainly on a roll after becoming the chairperson of the committee and has reported several meetings and press conferences. She claimed that she is putting her best for the young generation education system & she will improve gradually as she grows in the position she is at.

It will be interesting to know about the future steps of the no-detention policy as of now it is on a hold decision. Ms Smriti as an education minister is showing her best possible efforts but the question still remains the same “Will it sustain for a longer duration of time? “

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