Patidar Anamat Andolan in Surat : More than 4lac+ Patel joined

Surat: Historical Rally of Patel in Surat demanding reservation

Patidar Anamant Andolan Samiti (PAAS) has organized a historical rally in surat demanding for reservation as OBC. Huge Rally was started from the Dharukavala ground of kapordra. More than 4lac+ people joined it. The length of patidar anamat andolan rally in surat was more than 7km long. It is never before happened in the history of Surat city.Five rallies of the city has moved towards the Collector office to submit representation.


Patidar Anamat Andolan Rally in Surat Gujarat

Patidar Anamat Andolan 2015

Demand of Reservation among Patel and their movement will create history for sure. Day-by-day people across the various cities and villages are joining "Anamat Andolan". 25th August 2015 will be historical day for Patidar and gujarat as well.

Surat Patel Under Sardar Birdge

More than 25lac Patel will gather demanding reservation at Ahmedabad. Gujarat Govt. is already scared because of this vast demand.

Teared a poster of MLA kanani

Some of the people among rally had teared the posters of MLA kanani and applied black color on the face. Indiadesh reporter said that It was very difficult to handle the rally and people are stick to their demand. They don't want to listen anything else than "RESERVATION".
Rally of Demand in reservation at surat

Historical rally in Surat : more than 4 lac Patel joins

As per the news we are getting from our reporter, Surat patidar rally is marching towards the collector office to submit their "demand of reservation" representation. More than 4 lack Patel are involved in this historical march, Sardar bridge has been blocked due to overwhelming traffic of Patidars.  

"Our kids are getting 90% marks in examination but they are not getting an admission in proper college, while candidate belongs to reserved quota get an admission in same college with lower marks. It is not at all fair, We will not stop and this "Patidar Anamat Andloan" will be continue, unti; we get reservation" said local lady.
Patidar anamat Andolan in Surat
4 lac+ people joined surat rally
patidar demanding reservation 
Gujarat Gaurav Samiti had tried to stop this rally before two days. But Patel are not going to listen anyone.We all are exited about the Mega Rally to be held on 25th August 2015 at Ahmadabad.

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