Ola to have 50% cabs as CNG

New Delhi - CNG in the City. Since past few days ola is adding CNG cars to its list and today 50% of our cabs on CNG, claims Ola

The stenos of the Delhi High Court against those taxi aggregates who do not abide the strict policy of cleanliness of the city is beginning to make an impact.  TaxiForSure  and Ola is owned by Ola cabs & that is the most trending cab service running with the help of the application (Application based service). They recently confirmed that the cabs will be exclusively running on CNG in the city. But the process is under construction and needs to execute few more steps to implement the whole strategy. With regards to that, the company representative said “Ola has been summing up the CNG concept in the cab to its flit rapidly.”
In past few days, Ola has added more than 1800 CNG cars

Other officials have revealed that they will be committed to follow the CNG adoption and simultaneously adding cabs with CNG on the road. He added that 12,500 cabs out of 25,000 vehicles (in Delhi NCR) are having registered to be with CNG. He also confirmed that they will be gradually increasing the lot size of CNG cabs in the coming days to make sure that cab will be available with a remarkable five minute ETA. This would satisfy their customers and the reliability level will be raised.

50% of Ola cabs on CNG

Ola has been spectacular since past couple of years and has been receiving a series of consecutive seed fund to increase the standard and reputation of the brand. Recently, it was known that Ola have added 1,800 driver partners & this all partners have the vehicles running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This is because in Delhi the vehicles that have CNG can only be utilized as commercial or any public transport. Thus, this is a huge welcome greetings for the transport firms who has been enforcing the app-based taxis to abide with the policies and adhere to the rules in the city.

Currently, Ola cabs is located in 85 different cities of India and this is said to be one of the fastest growing startups. Bhavish Aggarwal (CEO) along with Ankit Bhati had founded the concept on December 3,2010. Bhavish has confirmed that he will ensure to make the service available in almost 200 cities by the end of 2015.

Taxi aggregates (Ola and Uber) both have a huge number of vehicles running on diesel so these vehicles were cater to run outside the city & in order to make the cabs available inside the city they decided to switch to CNG. Though they still have ample number of diesel based vehicles but they are reducing in numbers as the bloom of CNG has affected them drastically. Now they will have to rearrange the rates for the customers. They are in concerns with swapping of their diesel/petrol vehicles to CNG.

A senior government official said “ We have provided enough time to the firms to respond to their applications queries. As soon as the information is given, we will take the full and final decision.”