Here is the latest technology of the 21st century which senses the food you eat-WearSens Necklace

‘The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of Poison’

In the current decade where junk food has taken toll over the healthy lifestyle of all people around the globe and it is the need of the hour to take some strict preventive measures to keep ourselves away from the un-healthy luring fast food. Rather than blaming the lifestyle we should take preventive measures, but having this self control is quite difficult. Hence, engineers of UCLA have come up with a new smart necklace which aims to rid us of our eating sins. This device which is called WearSens automatically guesses the portions and content of our meals. Isn't that amazing!

The world suffers from the deadly disease of obesity which further gives rise to many more deadly diseases. In order to deal with obesity, one needs to keep an account of what one consumes throughout the day and follow a strict diet plan. The whole remedy relies on the eating habits of the dieters and any deviation from the plan nullifies the calories burnt so far.

Many nutritionists suggest keeping a diary record on what one has consumed throughout the day. But to err is human and sometimes the temptation becomes irresistible and later we try to forget that we ate it! Often, people find it difficult to remember what they had as a part of their meal. This is where WearSens comes into the picture.
WearSens takes care of these issues by tracking the vibrations around the neck. Scientist have found that the upper chest is like a cavern and it rumbles with every gulp we take and every breath of air. The necklace houses piezoelectric sensors that sense mechanical disturbances and report in the form of electric charges. As the food or liquid moves through the oesophagus, it sends vibrations towards the outer skin of the neck and the piezoelectric sensors react to the tremors and record them as electric charges. The vibration pattern varies from user to user and also with every type of food one consumes. Thereby every food and eater has a distinctive pattern.  

In order to personalize the device, the new wearer is asked to wear the device and eat a 3-Inch subway sandwich and then sip down a drink. These vibrations are then transmitted to a smartphone app which learns the distinct vibrations of solid and liquids and then stores the wearer’s swallowing pattern.

So, if you are finding a hard time keeping a track of what all gulping down then WearSens will come to your aid. 

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