Narendra Modi (NAMO) in Dubai - Marhaba Namo- PM's successful 2 day Tour

Dubai - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address Marhaba Namo event in Dubai Cricket Stadium tonight

'Marhaba NaMo’ is one of the slogans being spoken on twitter, Facebook and all the other social media since more than half lakh Indian migrators have registered themselves for the huge reception held at Dubai International Cricket Stadium where Indian PM Narendra Modi had addressed on Monday evening. The 2-day visit to UAE for PM proved really successful as he has got much respect cum gratitude and it’s the very first time when an Indian is being allowed to speak against such big public gathering.
Namo in Dubai

Though the original capacity of the stadium was 30k but other 15k people will voluntarily ready to accommodate themselves outside the stadium where the 2 huge walls were broadcasting Modi’s live speech. The Dubai Police was in business the whole day regarding the safety issues of the city and the dignitaries present in the Stadium. The whole program was marvelous that included the inauguration ceremony featured 35 international extra-ordinary artists. The official also revealed that the gates of the stadium would be shut when it will reach its limit of filling the people. Over 1.5k legitimate volunteers were assisting people besides 350 private security panels of Dubai Police.
Indian PM Narendra Modi in Dubai with Shekh
The UAE is home to 2.6 million Indian workers. So it was a proud and ecstatic moment for them that PM is being privileged and honored so good in United Arab of Emirates. 

Narendra Modi Dubai Speech

The speech of Modi included many important lines which described India as the one of the most powerful nations in the world and put an emphasize on becoming the developed country soon in the near future. Some of the important  points were:

Narendra Modi Speech at the Dubai Cricket Stadium. (DSC Events @ Twitter)
  • India’s potential and power of UAE can surely support to establish a good future of Asia.
  • India is world’s fastest growing economy. IMF and World Bank agree with this statement.
  • 125 crore Indians is a source of power and not just the population hub.
  • PM offers 1 Trillion dollars investment opportunity in UAE.
  • Regarding Indian agriculture section he enforces to be in need of cold storage warehouse and UAE have that advantage.
  • He visited Micro-Nano Fabrication Facility, Microscopy Lab & Masdar City. In the digital visitor book he wrote “Vigyan Jeevan Hai” (PS- Masdar City is a hub of renewable energy source and a city of clean Tech companies)
  • Namo meets Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Prince of Emirates Palace) & got a warm welcome from them.
  • Modi visited the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi that spreads the strong message of his integrity to religious boundless and harmony.
  • PM posed a selfie pic with the ministers who accompanied him & Namo was dressed in Indian Tri-color.
  • He ensures to increase India’s energy needs from Abu Dhabi to a level more than current 9% supply to India
We hope some good relationship b/w India and UAE in future may help to grow both counties with Namo in Dubai..

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