Motorcycle bomb blast atleast Killed 15 in Thailand,Bangkok

Thailand- At least 15 people lost their lives and several injured in a Motorcycle Bomb blast at Thailand (Bangkok)

Recently a huge bomb has exploded in the capital city of Bangkok. Thailand is one of the crowded city of Bangkok and hence a bomb was blasted in the center region of Thai city. The Police says that it was around 19:00 local time when the explosion must have occurred. They suspect that a motorcycle bomb is the cause of the huge chaos. The Erawan religious Shrine-center of Chidlom district was the victim area of the haphazard attack. It was really an inhuman activity that created the scene of huge amount of body parts scattered around the region.
Bangkok blast location 
source: bbc

At least 12 people have died till now and more than 25 people have been badly hurt. The local reports also confirms that it was the perfect location to plant a bomb since it was next to a 5-star hotel and that region is always full of people. Also, the burnt motorbikes scenario on the road created a tragic caption for the layman and trespassers. The injured people were immediately taken to the nearby hospitals and the police is trying to find the 2nd bomb near the explosion site. The police doubts about its confirmation but they are at work with the strong force of experts.

Bangkok Motorclycle bomb blast killed 15 people
Motorcycle bomb blast in Thailand, Bangkok

Bomb attacks in Bangkok is negligible though the sudden explosion caused a shock to the passerby and CCTV footage clearly showed that a big fireball fled when the explosion took place and people were running down the streets unknown of what happened. Currently the entire area is cordoned off by the Police and the higher authorities have summarized this attack to PM.
“All we can watch is debris on the road & body parts scattered. The building shook when the bomb exploded and so we came to the window “one of the Bangkok resident living not very far from the Erwan.
An official confirms that the death trolls can certainly increase since the people who got injured were critical and there has been a high alert in the city. Curfew is established all around the city in order to safe guard the people of Thai.

Finally, Lieutenant General  Prawut Thavornsiri says
“I can confirm it was a bomb but we are checking yet what kind of bomb it was “
On Feb 2, 2015 small blasts occurred in the Bangkok luxury mall but only 1 was injured. The explosions were caused by the mixture of 2 pipe bombs and digital clock. Police is trying to gather the evidence whether both this attacks have links. Thailand though has a small history of protests in Thai of conspiratorial politics and aggressive street demonstrations.

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