Manjhi Movie Review 2015 - Manji-The Mountain Man

Manjhi-The Mountain Man Movie Review and Ratings
Manjhi-The Mountain Man is a true inspiring Bollywood movie of 1970s of a real living legend 
Dashrath Manjifrom Bihar Region. The movie stars Nawazuddin Siddhique (Dashrath Manjhi) as the leading role who lives a normal rural life of Bihar but falls in love with Phaguniya(Radhika Apte). The character is happy with his family life though the village is shown with the ‘Worst Slavery’  image of the normal people under the Zamindaars and Sarpanchs.

Manji Movie Review 2015

 Even after 20 years of Independence, Bihar wasn’t at all considered for the any welfare and prosperity. The Government didn’t have any schools or hospitals in Gelhore region of Bihar where Dashrath lives. He elopes Phaguniya when she is about to marry another guy showing the beginning of the Manjhi’s guts. Soon after few months, Manjhi and Phaguniya gets a daughter & so he starts to earn for his family in the city. There is a huge mountain between the village and the city. One day while climbing the mountain, Phaguniya falls off from it & dies. This is where the movie begins from.

He swears to God “I will break the agony of this mountain anyhow as it snatched the  love of my life. It ruined the whole happy family conditions in my small village. I will make a way between the village and city alone.” The circumstances were such that the government was not taking any consideration to make any paths between the village and city for people’s good use. The time of ‘Emergency in India ‘ in 1970s is shown when Indira Gandhi ruled India. The persistence & patience of Manjhi breaking the mountain piece by piece is directed so beautifully that it gives the Goosebumps

The confidence of his genuinely flowing overloaded hope of crushing the mountain one day shatters when there is drought in the village and no people stays there. He still remained there with a strong will to sustain against the nature and fight. He faces many troubles during that time as there was no water or food for him but he keeps on continue his work by eating leaves of trees underground and drink muddy water.
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Manji's faith, trust & hope results in a heavy rain one day in the Gelhore hence the village people returns to their home. The 22 years of his life in just breaking the gigantic stony mountain was a master piece by the person single highhandedly. He faced many illegal and legal government problems but then it was people and media who supported him to ‘Make a Highway’ between his village and city. One of the hidden/secret heroes of India ‘Manjhi’ was termed as ‘Manjhi-The Mountain Man’.

Manjhi Panth in India

The government finally constructed road named ‘Manjhi Panth’ in 2011 but Manjhi dies in 2007 but it came true because of his own will power he had & something he said in the movie “Bhagwan ke bharose mat betho, kya pata wo hamare bharose betha ho.”Indiadesh critics give 4.5 out of 5 stars to this movie as a worth watching aspiring real life story. Stay connected with us to get latest movie reviews like talvar movie rating and reviews.

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