Indo-Pak talks on Sunday takes U-Turn

Pakistan - The rumors of India-Pakistan diplomatic talks on August 23-24,2015 is spreading across the globe while a boxing fight is temporarily going between them behind the curtains and crossing the borders. These sides have been one of the furious rivals of all time in history as both countries are trying to raise their brownie feeble points over each other for certain crucial conflicts going on since past few years. The issues are : Terror attacks on Indian innocent layman, Kashmir consistently targeted for being captured by illegitimate people from Pakistan, Will Sartaj Aziz (NSA of Pakistan) meet Kashmiri Separatists after India-Pak counterpart talks. It is going to be intimidating tough day for both rulers to dominate over the other and make a remarkable impact on the opponent.

India-Pakistan Talk 2015

Secret Sources revealed that some details about the talks have been kept nebulous for the safety issues during the D-Day. Indeed Narendra Modi government dominated over the Hurriyat Conference and total leadership of it & it is heard that the leader’s team will meet Aziz after their talks with Doval. Overall scenario till time depicts that Modi gov. have made a mark in enforcing a huge impact over the diplomatic issues against Pakistan before the main talks.

India-Pakistan Flags Before Talk
It is transparent and crystal clear that if Kashmiri Separatists meet Aziz and Doval then Pakistan is surely structuring them intentionally. For India, it will considered that Separatists are the puppets of Pakistan and would led the devil purpose vague. This will be a ‘Not to happen’ moment for Modi gov.  Kashmir Separatist’s house are arrested and leaving them after 2 hours is the script of a high drama by Pakistan. That is why Omar Abdullah (Former J &  K Chief Minister) tweeted
“ Both India and Pakistan are keen to sabotage each other though they are giving an excuse to call off talks for no reasons.”
Yasin Malik (Chairman of JKLF) was taken to the Police station on Thursday before his scheduled meet with Sartaj Aziz on August 23,2015 at Srinagar. Indian gov. sent out a tough message that Separatists will not be able to meet Aziz. Also Pakistan has firmly denied for separatists invitation. The upcoming 2 days will be very elite and exigent as the development in the story is going with twists and turns before Indo-Pakistan talks. As Pakistan government said that they are not abide to obey Indian rules and their red boundary lines won’t dictate the already fixed agenda of Pakistan. He added that they won’t browbeat on J & K issues mainly Naveed Yakub. They have claimed that they have got no official green signals for the Sunday evening talks and firms meeting. Yet, India has invited Syed Alis Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Farooq and Yasin Malik to hold talks with Indian counterpart Doval. Confirming that Separatists will not able to meet Mr Aziz, Indian gov. says ‘They will be seating in a separate room’.

Thus a high voltage rivalry will occur at Sunday evening & unsure of anything what the consequence would be after the meeting.

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