Eastern Railway of India (ERI) reverts decision of facilitating special coaches creates chaos

The Eastern Railway of India had earlier announced that they will provide special coaches to women on the Sealdah division. But on Friday they reverted its decision surprisingly by giving those coaches to male passengers. It was a triumph for the women before this reversal as female commuters did not shy to collide with their counterparts of male. On Monday, TER (The Eastern Railway) has offered few special coaches in ‘Matribhumi Ladies Special Local Train’. But TER reported that the male commuters are just for the experimental basis only in order to conduct the trains operational capacity during the peak traffic hours in the routine day.  

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Indeed the reversal of announcement created a controversy as the female commuters is firm to do protests, blockades and agitations. They earlier disrupted the train service on Monday & consecutively on Wednesday to ask for their legal and legitimate special coaches. Last Monday’s protest gave rise to a major chaos & it left more than twenty people were injured. 12 out of 20 were police personnel because they tried desperately to stop the stone attacks by the commuters and asked for vandalism. The situation was out of control for some time but the fact that it is going to witness some more agitations in coming days is true. While on Wednesday, shockingly the women passengers were engaged in hand to hand fights with men showing them allegedly to demand for their rights. 

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Women passengers warned men commuters to withdraw from the announcement and facility they got recently. The Train Traffic was late up to 5 hours when they agitated 5 stations in Parganas district.  Woman commuters blocked railway tracks to ask for the justice which they were given before and now they are being snatched from them. In defense, male passengers protested against train blockade when few men tried to enter in Mathrubhumi train but they were forcefully pushed out of the train for no reason.

In response to all this, RK Gupta (Eastern Railway General Manager) says,
“We have decided to take back our decision as it was just made on an experimental temporary basis. I have set an enquiry on this orders, till now 2 station masters are suspended & they will be interrogated till the probe comes to any conclusion. The suspension will be pending till this issue gets resolved. I ask the commuters to maintain peace and have faith on the ER.”

Railway is one of the main routes for travelling in India from one end to other ends especially for longer journeys & primarily women have been facing lot of troubles when the compartments / coaches of men-women are together. The ER have look upon this matter very seriously and the officials said that the decision will be in favor of women and asked women commuters to give them some time to execute the decision. As there has been some unusual incidents taking  place at Dum Dum station because of the 2 trains came really close enough to each other on the same track. The reason is said to be the blockage and disrupting the train traffic hours. The Eastern Railway would certainly have to make out some way to solve the dispute as soon as possible before it takes any dangerous route.

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