Bangalore-Nanded Express collide with Truck: 5 Killed and 20 injured

Bangalore-Early Morning on Monday, Bangalore- Nanded Express met an unfortunate accident with a truck rammed hammering. Sources confirmed that 5 people were killed in this Train-Truck Bang. Among the five dead, Venkatesh Naik (Congress Legislator of Devadurga, Karnataka) was one of the victims along with the other train riders. Naik was 4 time former Lok Sabha Parliament Member. This was a sad and sudden demise of him. Moreover, the cleaner & the main driver of the truck were killed.

Bangalore-Nanded Express Accident

At around 2:20 AM, the horrible accident took place at a crossing level in Anantapur district. Anantapur district is at the border of Karnataka state & is at a distance of around of 350 kms. from Hyderabad. After the investigations, the railway officials said that the brakes of the truck failed & while the train was crossing the barricade crossing they both collided. The truck was filled with granite & so it was really heavy that gave a big blow to the train bogie. It is also confirmed that truck was at its highest speed when it struck with the train. The accident was terrible for the passerby and other residence around.

Due to this accident, the other train movements have been drastically affected in the region because the 4 big coaches of that train derailed which created a big problem to begin the dashed train onto the rails again. The Western Railway said that four Coaches (S-1,S-2, B-1, H-1) were derailed during this accident

 On this accident, Anil Saxena (Railway Spokesperson) says “One lorry that was filled with stones struck the closed gate so hard that it broke it and at the same time the train was crossing that specific signal.” He claimed that this all comes under the responsibility and monitoring of Suresh Prabhu. Suresh Prabhu is the Railway Minister for the development and welfare for the people in Andhra Pradesh.

Soon after the accident occurred, rescue work was called on. The local police and the railway officials tried to save the badly injured people in this accident. They were sent to the nearby Penukonda hospitals for their critical wounds during the hard hit. A total of 20 peoples were injured and 10 were having minor injuries. To clear out the other train emergencies and weekly trains, Crane was called on the rails to remove the damaged bogie as soon as possible. The Government declared ex gratia of 10 Lakh INR for the victims and their family.
Image courtesy: ANI

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