Ansal Builders 1997 case decision made by supreme court

Mumbai - Today Supreme Court gave a heart throbbing decision of the 1997 case (Ansal builders). Sushil and Gopal Ansal are the renowned builders and the latest updates are that they will not be jailed for the unfortunate incident that killed almost 60 people. They owned a cinema in Delhi and it literally went up in flames on a fully packed evening in 1997. Ideally every protection measures was blocked, routes to fire exits and every safety rule was broken. There was no enough possible ways to get out of the fired lit up cinema which took innocent lives of the people during that evening.

Ansal builders case 1997 

Supreme Court
In 2014, Supreme Court deliberately came to a conclusion that the Ansals are guilt of the crime committed and showed the proper direction saying “They were interesting more in making money rather ensuring the security, safety and protection of their customers.” Though the judge differed when it was time to sentence them for the jail. Ultimately today was the last chance for court to prove them committed criminal activities.

Many years ago, they both served for couple of months in prison on being found culprit. The ansal builders case has been really sensitive and crucial for the state courts and Mumbai High Court since past years because the importance and seriousness of the case was tremendous considering the fact that innocent people were killed due to total ignorance of the builder brothers.
Yes indeed they will pay the Delhi government 60 crore INR for the cinema fire case but will not go to jail. The amount is to be paid to government within time frame of 3 months. This in surely proved to be a shocking decision for Neelam Krishnamurthy. She is the mother of the son and daughter who died in the fire & she had also led the strong campaign cum protests along with the families who lost relatives in the gigantic fire of the cinema. Certainly, Delhi is called the heart of India and so does the people living in it. 

Mrs Krishnamurthy said that 
"money can never ever repay the debt of my lost children and she seemed very disappointed by the court’s decision & was trembling in voice with tears of sad emotions."

The centuries blockbuster ‘Border’ was running with a pack house when suddenly the flames burst into. The people who died were choked while 100s were injured in a chaos because of the people rushing towards the exit doors to find the safety way. 

On a  Friday evening, the blockbuster hit "Border" was running to a packed house when the flames surged. Those who died had choked; 100 others were injured in a stampede as people rushed towards several doors to find them locked.

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