An appeal by Gujarat Forest department to study Etawah lion deaths

Recently the sudden death of 7 lions(5 cubs) in Etawah in Uttar Pradesh has certainly raised issues whether lions can sustain the harsh and fluctuating climate change of Northern India. Thus, Gujarat Forest Department (GFD) has decided to carry out a research study to know the reason and real cause of the death before translocation of the lions. As the transfer is lion is done from Junagadh’s Sakkarbaug Zoo to Etawah. GFD wants to study the details of the already send lions to Etawah & officially wants to analyze the situation. Total of 10 lions were sent to Etawah from Junagadh, Rajkot and Hyderabad Zoo.

The officials said that one pair of lion died only after 60 days of shifting. On July 22, the lioness Greeshma gave birth to 3 cubs while on July 18 other lioness gave birth to 2 cubs. But shocking all the 5 cubs died subsequently. The unknown and unreasonable death is a worry for Gujarat Forest Department as their states lion is being sent to the other states but is not treated with safety and caution.
The dispute has been going since long between UP and Gujarat Forest Department but because the official approval of not sending the lions to Etawah is not getting from the court Gujarat officers have decided to go deeper into the matter focusing on the reason why the lions are being killed mysteriously.
 The Gujarat government said that the mysterious death of cubs is a misery and unfortunate thing for the state. Though UP government is defending themselves considering the fact that lioness was suffering from viral disease and the cubs got infected. A senior officer of the Gujarat forest officials added that the scrutiny of the cubs was almost hard to survive with the disease mother suffered & there was some possibility of some other genuine reasons of death too.
UP has failed in November, 1957 when 4 lions from the Chandraprabha were grew to some minimum age but then some of the lions almost perished so this is the consequence of the failed strategy to take care of the lions. Hence this is not the only time the lion translocation is failed.
Gujarat representative Singh says “Lions from Gujarat region is not able to survive in the hot climatic conditions and atmospheric pressures. Northern India’s climate is indeed hot and humid and so the survival of lions is not at all possible.”

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