Narendra Modi inauguration for a National Highway Project in Bihar

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Granted a package of 1.6lac crore for the developement of Bihar, which includes National Highway Project in Bihar

Arrah - Soon after the couple of days Modi's tour in UAE, PM orated at Arah,Saharsa in Bihar. There were certainly many concerns raised by him, many promises made by him, varieties of packages given and tons of words blown for Nitish Kumar. One of the most important announcements made is that 1.25 Lac crore will be invested for the welfare, development and growth for the Bihar if BJP is voted to lead the state.

Narendra Modi with Nitin Gadkari at Arrah, Bihar
The rally was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi at 12 noon & in the beginning only he praised the Governor of Bihar saying,
“Ramnath Kovind has spent his life in serving Dalits and the lower marginalized communities. He is working hard to empower women & OBCs in Bihar.”
Then it was the time to fire on Nitish Kumar and began with a taunt “It is glad to hear that Nitish doesn’t consider this as a Bimaru state. He has never utilized the money given to him for the prosperity of Bihar & hasn’t fulfilled any of his promise.” Regarding the special investment of 1.25 Lakh crore, he ensured the people that the promise will surely be implemented and executed soon.

Modi granted a package of 1.25 + .40 lac Crore in Bihar

At around 2 PM, he began addressing Saharsa people saying “There was huge destruction due to the floods in Kosi River before 7 years ago & BJP served the people wholeheartedly.” Again he stepped forward to make a conflicts and controversies against Nitish Kumar and exclaimed “He has been arrogant in Politics and that will not make him do any good for the state. He is not at all suitable to be put forth for the upcoming poll. It is right time for the people to stop supporting him. He is cheating the common man.”

In order to make Bihar a safe and secure state Modi says, 
“Bihar is still known for Jungle Raj and I wish to totally eradicate this image. Lives of Bihar people is not in good hands & so I want to enforce Law-Order.”
It was surely because of the betrayal of Nitish Kumar on BJP in the past. Modi urged people that they are in need of a government whom they can safely rely and trust. He emphasize on making the Eastern part of India to develop and be happy like other parts of the country. Modi was certainly in the driver’s seat when he incredibly put forth the most crucial points against Bihar people.

Though, the exigent thing about the rally was the inauguration of National Highway Project in Bihar. The Highway will be of length 700 km & will be at a cost of 9700 crore INR. The Modi government is making an impact visiting every corner of India as well as every edge of the world. It would be interesting to watch the mentioned projects and promises to come to reality. We can predict that it may give reflect as Bihar Election results 2015.

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