Microsoft Windows 10 can disable counterfeit Games and software remotely

Microsoft can remotely disable pirated games, if you’re running them on Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 has been in the lime light since the launching day as the upgrade was considered to be the greatest till date. After the Bing Search’s rocket speed browsing, Windows 10 is in the news because of another remarkable feature that is included. It comes with a caution : If a pirated games or software is running on Windows 10, then as per the latest European License Conditions it has the power to uninstall such counterfeit software remotely.
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There has been many significant changes in the clause too & so in the official release of 10240 EULA Microsoft not only confirms about the software but also about the hardware too. As per the Section of EULA ( End User License Agreement), it says “ Sometimes users need to update the software to continue using the Services. Microsoft may verify automatically your version of the software & may prevent you from accessing our Services if you are using dummy software or unauthorized games or illegal hardware devices.”

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This will be a revolutionary change in the Tech world since such a feature hasn’t been seen in any of the reputed firms. Microsoft windows 10 has created a caveat for the end users who uses pirated Microsoft OS. Surprisingly, they haven’t yet revealed about how they will track this pirated authorization or counterfeit software. Nobody is sure of its approach and the statement has resulted stunning the world with a vague intention.

The only concern end user will face is that there will be privacy conflicts among the users since Microsoft will be able to track and tell what software are installed  on your machine. It is crystal clear that Microsoft will have a giant scanning remote device to detect the piracy in any device. Also for the country such as India where 70% users install pirated software, game and OS, it will be a posing a trouble and will surely put the query in a grey area. Microsoft is still to clear out what they actually mean by ‘unauthorized hardware’. There is no official clarification regarding that and nobody is sure of the implementation date and time. Does Microsoft mean hardware mods of devices like Xbox 360 or Xbox One?

In the added clause of EULA, the agreement says like this “ You agree to receive our automatic updates without giving any prior additional notice.” The clause also states that users will not get any options like ‘when to reboot’, ‘when to have download’, ‘never check for updates’.
This has dramatically changed the way how Microsoft Windows 8 & 8.1 was for the end users. This has been a magnificent step for them & let’s see how it goes for the later use for the customers.

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