Is Google in support or against Net Neutrality in India?

Bangalore - A Big Qus Google and net neutrality in India seems to connect each other in one way or another. Indiadesh reporters found that Google seems to take a stand against Net Neutrality (India). IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) reported that Google is acting desperately against Net Neutrality. IAMAI is brand that is representing all the Internet companies across India. They have urged DTR (Department of Telecom Report) for the eradication of any abiding of zero mention rating in its submission reports.

Google and Net Neutrality 

Internet firms have got pretty huge flow of money to throw around and so ‘Zero’ Rating fixture allows such firms to officially grant the permission to access the websites and applications without any charge at all. This is the ongoing deals with the telecom providers of such Internet firms. A secret source revealed that Dixit Vineeta (Member of Google’s public policy and gov. relations) has strongly resisted to mention any ‘zeros’ while making any submissions or deals with the telecom providers.

Poster Agaisnt Google shown in India
A copy of the email written of August 14,2015 reads, “Google is neither in favor of net neutrality in India nor opposing. We would like to abide by our policies and so strongly blocks the formulation of the Zero Rating Submission. It has been tough lipped so far till now as the entire net neutrality amidst the conundrum.”

In the past 6-8 months, Net Neutrality has been in news, media, magazines, internets, newspapers, weekly as Airtel who was the first to create the virtual chaos with its ‘Zero marketing platform’. However, the social awareness and partnership with Flipkart made the intentions walk out of the park. Some companies like NDTV and Cleartrip also walked out of (Facebook initiative similar to Airtel Zero) Though Google and Airtel has been partners on Zero Rated Plans in India but that plan is strongly on hold to provide free data to Indian end users. Also, MVC (Mountain View Company) is silently supporting this debate from corner. An alleged email suspiciously noted claimed that only Facebook in IAMAI is supporting the Zero Rating.

On Google and Net Neutrality( India) It is important to take into consideration of the fact that Google has in deal attached with Zero Rates in India

  • Free Google Search, Google+ & Gmail in free zone
  • 200 MB only data package totally free for Google apps
  • Free over-the-air updates enabled on Android One handsets devices.

Another Dixit’s mail says,
“Surprisingly STAR is both supporting and non-supporting on the Zero Rating Plans. Why telecoms being deliberately paid for Internet content but telecom operators should pay the content providing firms.”

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