Valson Thampu expresses "I am being hunted because I am Dawood Ibrahim"

Delhi - St Stephen’s College Prinipal (Valson Thampu) expresses “ I am being hunted because I am Dawood-Don” on Thursday to express his aggression. As he is connected with the sexual harassment case of a Scholar in Research. The Researcher had filed that she was expoited by Satish Kumar ( Assistant Professor in Chemistry)  and the principal has forced her to take back her complaint. Students, Alumni of College and research scholar supported the victim girl by discussing the serious issue on Wednesday with DCW (Delhi Commission for Women) & urged principal to resign from his designation because of the cult he is involved in.
In response Thampu has a lot to say as:
“ If people are free to change me into an object of distaste, then I am ready to defend myself considering self-denigrating (harmful and liar) image. I am ready to borrow the sagging efforts for the interests of the media and vested interests. I imagine myself as Dawood Ibrahim as he fits and suits the best for this aversions. I am not coward to take back my words or attribute everything to the handicap media. So, Yes I am Dawood. I still don’t understand why I am being hunted like a prey in this case as if I am the culprit. I haven’t harassed anyone.”

Before the DCW hearing, Thampu had given suggestions on his FB account “ Why should I appear before DCW covering my face like all rapists and harassers are photographed? I stated to DCW head that it is not my duty or domain to facilitate her compounds and change the supervisor. I am dragged into this case for no any reason or without any evidence I am proved guilty. This isn’t justice.” This is becoming a menace for DCW as they haven’t found any sustainable evidence against Thampu and that is why he is so confidently arguing against this case. It would be pretty interesting to watch the next action plan of DCW and the victim girl.

Though Thampu has been in many controversies since 2008 when he was designated as the Principal of St Stephen’s College but his rule continued because of his sarcastic lines he said “I would resign if I am proved objectively that I am an embarrassment for College.”

He is officially going to retire in February 2016 and he says “ If slight mistake or lapse is found in the inquiry commission I recommend or surrender myself to quit from my service willingly.” He is firm to save the reputation of the college and to save himself from this case but the figures and reports concludes that this college have knocked the doors of court from time to time in the controversies and allegations like: Forcefully changing officer’s caste to Christianity, Sexual Harassment of College Researcher, Fake Degrees, E-zine Ban for granting content permission, Shielding faculties and colleagues for accused crime.

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