NCRB Report August 2015 Shocked - 93 women are being raped every day

Chennai- National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Report releases a shocking data recently of abduction. Latest data shows that almost 40% of abduction in the country are of women who are kidnapped for marriage. NCRB revealed the tabulated data for the first time & it depicts that ransom has not been a major motive for the abduction like in the past but the scenario has changed drastically. Indeed the data released stunned everyone since it says that in 2014 77 k abduction took place out of which only 676 were meant to be done due to ransom. It is surprising to see this figures as the margin for ransom has decrease a lot.

NCRB Report 2015

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According to NCRB Report 2015, 31000 women were kidnapped in the last year in order to force them for the marriage. This has been ridiculously increase since past one year & is burning problem for women in India. Almost 1500 people were abducted with the only purpose to kill them despite any reason (personal or professional).

State wise, Uttar Pradesh leads the board with highest offenses of 7338 registered cases of women being kidnapped. Bihar accounts for 4641 cases & Assam follows it with 3883 recorded in NCRB report 2015. Thus, Bihar and Assam follows UP and this 3 states accounts for almost 50% of all marriage kidnappings. Uttar Pradesh is not at all safe for the women & hence women empowerment program is a necessary criteria. Government is analyzing pretty serious about this data released and will surely to put forth sufficient critical punishments for the culprits by making strict law-order. While Assam has got the worst safety image as 25 abduction is recorded per 1 lakh population which is highest rate in India metioned in NCRB data 2015.

UP is highest in the list of total abduction with 12,500 & Madhya Pradesh is at the second spot having almost 8000 cases. Bihar and West Bengal follows them with 6500 and 6000 cases respectively. The abductions which ultimately resulted in murder was with crucial figures of Assam with 632 cases and UP with 540. Narendra Modi Granted a package of 1.25+ lac in Bihar may help to slower down this rate.

Talking about the ransom-kidnappings :
  • West Bengal has 101 registered cases.
  • Uttar Pradesh have got 83 cases.
  • Bihar in the chart with 62 cases.
The police in defense exclaimed,” Whenever a girl and a boy willingly elopes for marriage, the girl’s parents registers a complaint against the boy for the charge of kidnapping. “
 He added that this is how the figures has increased and abnormally the high number for marriage kidnapping is not depending upon the police force’s security concerns. They also explains how they are trying their best to lead the stated providing protection & safety to all common people

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